Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Instead of 'Wordless Wednesday' today, I thought I'd do a 'Video Wednesday.' Yes, I know it doesn't have that cute little alliteration thing, but whatever. It's my blog, ha! :-) Actually, I just couldn't get the video to load last night so here we are tonight. So here's the background on the video. When Sara Kate first started eating solids, we had this grand plan of teaching her sign language. Well, she's what you would call a DEMANDING child at the dinner table (or any time there is food around) and she never really caught onto us trying to teach her to sign 'more' when she wanted another bite. She would just fuss and yell and was well, demanding. And very impatient. We've continued off and on to try to teach her 'more,' but all of a sudden on Sunday she just got it!!! It happened when she and Poppa were sharing a donut at church Sunday morning. And she's been doing it ever since! She doesn't do it exactly the correct way, but she's 1 and we know what she means and she knows what she means. And come to find out, they work on sign language in her class at school (for words like more, please, thank you...basic stuff like that). Needless to say, we are so proud of her and she seems proud of herself too when she signs 'more' and gets another bite. The video is 2 minutes long, but stick with it until the end. She gets silly. :-) Oh, and she's eating spaghetti, her FAVORITE!!!

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  1. LOVE IT!! And you can call it "Watch me Wednesday's" when video's are involved!