Saturday, August 13, 2011

This Week

Not much has been going on this week (minus the birth of Liam!!), just the normal school and work routine, so I don't have anything super exciting to report. This blog is just going to be full of random've been warned! :-)
Chris has had teacher inservice all week, and the public schools in Northwest Arkansas start on Monday. I'm not sure if he's ready or not. He has a new assignment this year at the high school (along with one of the middle schools) so that's big news for him and I think he's excited about it!
Sara Kate has made her 2nd week back at school full time, and I got a great report yesterday when I picked her up! However, after being back at school for 2 full weeks she's picked up the obligatory running nose and cough. Ugh!!
Even though she's doing great at school, being back full time and only having one nap a day has made our evenings a little rough! She just gets so tired and any little thing can upset her. Tuesday night we walked down to the park, and Sara Kate got upset because we wouldn't let her hold her water cup while she played.
So she cried and I caved and gave it to her and let her carry it around. Everything was all better!
Yes, the cup when straight in the dishwasher when we got home. Ha!

When I picked her yesterday, her teacher told me a funny story from the week. She has this monkey toy here at home that she got for her birthday. She's been carrying it around off and on and had a death grip on it the other morning when I dropped her off so I just let her keep it at school with her. Well, her teacher said that they have about 3 monkey toys in her class and she seeks them out and wants to play with them. They're trying to teach her how to say 'monkey.' :-) So she seems to be into recognition right now. Another recognition thing happened this morning...I found "Sesame Street" on Netflix and turned it on to see if she would like it. She had her 'duck' (Big Bird) in her pack n play with her, and when she saw Big Bird on the tv, she grabbed her 'duck.' I assume she recognized her 'duck' as the 'duck' on tv. She's a smart girl. :-)
Here's one more funny story for the week about Sara Kate. In her dresser/changing table, the first drawer has onesies and pajamas in it, the second drawer has bibs, hats, shorts and skirts, her swim suits, and a few other random things in it, and the third drawer has sheets and blankets in it. For some reason, she has this thing about her bibs. A while back she started separating her bibs out of her dirty clothes basket. And more recently she likes to open the 2nd drawer of her dresser, pull the bibs out, and close the door. She carries the bibs, a whole pile of them! Last night before we ate dinner I noticed she was being awfully quiet so I peeked in her room to check on her. She was reading her books. I peeked in a few minutes later and she had pulled all the clothes out of the 2nd drawer. After dinner I went to put everything away, and then I realized what she had done. She had pulled all the clothes out of the drawer and left her bibs in the drawer! Does this story deserve a smart girl comment, too?? Ha! :-)
Chris and Sara Kate discovered a new game this week...pull the baby around in the diaper box! She loved it and she even put her duck and books in the box and pushed them around.
In other weekly news, we finally got some significant rain fall and cooler temperatures! Praise the Lord!! Before the rain, I found out at work that our area had skipped the severe drought category and had gone straight to the extreme drought category. Everything is dying and just beyond bone dry. Now that we got some rain, we've dropped back to the severe drought category. I know this is nerdy science stuff but I work in environmental science, and I'm hoping my soil sampling will be a LITTLE easier this week. :-)

And finally, I'll leave you with a couple new pictures of adorable little Liam. The new family is home now and doing just fine!

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