Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sharing - not the good kind!

See this sweet little innocent face?
Well, she likes to share. And what she shared with me last night is something I definitely could have done with out!! Over night I came down with a stomach virus, and even though Sara Kate had it exactly a week ago, I figured that's where I got it from. My thoughts turned to, oh crap, Chris is out of town...how am I going to take care of Sara Kate when I can't get too far from a bathroom? I texted Chris' mom early this morning about taking Sara Kate to school and she said that she had been up over night too with an upset stomach! She felt ok (or so she said) and she was sooooooo kind to come over about 8:15 and take her granddaughter to school. She also picked her up from school and brought her back home this afternoon. I love her so! I slept alot today but am ready to go back to bed. I told Sharon that it's amazing how tired you can be from laying around sleeping off and on all day. :-) Sara Kate has been in a great mood this afternoon/evening so that has been nice. She's watching her Baby Einstein right now so I could get a few things done on the computer, and I'm going to start her bedtime routine a little earlier tonight. And hopefully I can get some cleaning/disinfecting done before Chris comes home so he doesn't catch it! Hope ya'll had a good day today!

Oh, one more thing...here's a question I pose to anyone reading out there in internet land. After having a baby has your immune system just been shot? I was normally the kind to get the fall/winter cold and the occasional stomach bug and that was it. Since having Sara Kate, it seems like I have gotten one thing after another...I've had the stomach bug probably 3 or 4 times , shingles, a viral eye infection, a boil on my shoulder, the flu, and I just got over a summer cold, too...all that in the last year! Yes, I've been taking a vitamin but need to get more as I'm out. Anybody care to comment or had a similar experience?

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  1. YES!!! I couldn't remember the last time I was sick before Emma but since she started daycare it seems constant! :( I am just blessed that she isn't as sick as I am!