Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason!

Today we traveled to Berryville to celebrate our brother-in-law, Jason's, 30th birthday!!
Jenny planned a lovely party with all of our family there, as well as all of Jason's family. Here's his other niece, Tinley. She and the giant man baby (also known as Hayden) are a week apart and there is a HUGE difference in size!! She has some serious hair, too!
Speaking of the giant man baby, here he is in his party best, that is until he spit up all over himself and had to get into some new party clothes. :-)
Sara Kate was super excited to go hang out with her cousins and aunt and uncle today. She took a little 30 minute power nap in the car so she was raring and ready to go when we got there!
We ate some wonderful hamburgers prepared by Chris' dad and the birthday boy. Yes, he had to cook his own birthday lunch but he's a good griller. Sara Kate didn't want anything to do with a hamburger or a hot dog (even though she ate a hot dog for lunch at school last week...weird kid) so she ate fruit from a fruit salad I made (but only the banana's, strawberries, and blueberries) and goldfish crackers. Lovely. After lunch and some play time, where Sara Kate and Hannah were like 2 little monkeys jumping on the bed...
It was CAKE TIME!!! How cute is the cake that Jenny had made? Jason is a big baseball fan so it was perfect.
Hannah sat at the table and ate her cake and ice cream...
While Sara Kate went and pawned cake and ice cream off everyone. Seriously. First she got a bite from Poppa, then went to her mama, then her Meme, and finally her daddy. That girl knows how to work the crowd!!
After a little more play time, where the girls played iPad with Meme...
And chased each other around because they were on a sugar high (it was hilarious...they were having the best time!!), we had to head home so Chris could get back for something he had planned tonight. Sara Kate and I have had a good evening together. She has been in such a good mood all day today and has just been so funny. I wish I could have had a video camera rolling all day. We went on a walk this evening, and followed that up with bath time and bed time for her.
Time for me to hit the sack, too. Hope everyone had a good Saturday, and Jason, we hope you had a great birthday!!

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