Monday, August 8, 2011

16 Months

Sara Kate, you are 16 months old!! What have you been up to??
- You are walking like a PRO now!! You are close to running, too!
- You are now in the Frog classroom at school!! This is the last classroom before you move out of the 'baby' part of school. Your schedule is very different now, and it's more like a big girl schedule. It looks a little something like this: I wake you up about 6:45 and get you dressed for school. I drop you off between 7:15 and 7:30. You have breakfast (what I bring from home), around 8:30, and lately that has been poptart and yogurt or a fruit breakfast bar. You have juice mixed with water for breakfast. Sometimes your teachers have to put you down for a short 30 minute nap sometime between 9 and 10 and sometimes you are fine. You have lunch between 11 and 11:30, and you've been eating what they serve at school. You've had things like turkey and cheese wraps, chicken taco's, an eggroll, and different fruits and veggies, just to name a few. You drink milk with your lunch. After lunch you go down for a nap from 12-2. After nap is snack time, and that is usually some kind of cracker and milk. You get picked up between 4:30 and 5:15, and you are so happy to see us at the end of the day! Other things you do during the school day includes art, circle time, song time, outside time, and worksheet time.
- Your separation anxiety is pretty bad when I drop you off at school or in the church nursery. Hopefully it gets better now that you are in school full time again. You cling onto my neck really tight and then you cry when I leave. Usually you can be redirected quickly but sometimes I hear you crying as I walk out the door. :-(
- Speaking of crying, you are starting to display a little bit of a drama queen attitude at times! I love you to pieces, and mean that in the nicest way possible. :-) If you get your mind set on something, and we don't do what you want then you sit down and fling your head down in a 'woe is me' kind of way. And you cry. And sometimes flail your head back. You can be quite dramatic, especially if you are tired! I hope this isn't already the beginning of the 'terribles.' But if it is, we will work our way through it.
- You are a great sleeper. You've been going to bed a little earlier at night since you are down to 1 nap a day. And because you are down to 1 nap a day, you are READY for bed by the end of the day!! We start bath around 8, are rocking by 8:30, and you are asleep pretty quickly after that. I wake you up during the week, although some days you wake up right before I go get you. On the weekends you sleep until between 7 and 8.
- Your eating is hit or miss these days. Some days you are a great eater and some days you don't want anything I try to give you. You are becoming independent and like to put the spoon/fork on your mouth on your own. Right now you love blueberries, bananas, chicken (or anything from the barbeque), spaghetti, corn on the cob, turkey/cheese sandwiches, grapes, green beans (sometimes), yogurt, and strawberries. You aren't crazy about vegetables but love most fruits.
- You haven't gotten any more teeth in the last month. Right now you have your 2 top teeth, 1 fang, the other fang is either barely in or really close to coming in, and your 2 bottom teeth. I can't tell if you are working on any others or not. You chew on your tongue funny and mess with/suck on your lips in a funny way. Some days you drool a ton and other days it's not so bad.
- You are a water baby! You love the bath tub and the pool. We tried the sprinkler one time but I think if it wouldn't have sprayed you in the eye and ear, you would have liked that, too!
- Your blocks are still your favorite toy, and you have learned to stack them and make towers. You also still like taking them in and out of the bag. You love your books, too, and we have them scattered all over the house.
- You LOVE outside! You want to go outside every evening and walk all around. Unfortunately, you like to walk straight down our driveway to the street, which is not ok! That's one of those things where you get your mind set on it, and you can get mad when you don't get to do what you want. Lately, we've been letting you walk down the street in front of our house (with us right beside, of course), and you like that. You love the park, too, and you like to climb up the slide. :-)
- You LOVE stairs/steps and will go up and down over and over and over again!! You want to do them by yourself, but you know you need help coming down.
- You are such a funny little girl! You do things all the time that just crack us up. You definitely know when you have an audience, and you know how to be a ham.
- You talk up a storm, and you get very intent when you are tell us stories. You can say hi, bye-bye, night-night, mama, dada, Poppa, uh-oh, duck, doggy, this, that one, cat, hat, more, bath, baby, and yum (or mmm, when it comes to food). Not that you can say all those words perfectly, but you know what you mean and we know what you mean, too. In general, you say lots of things that start with the 'd' sound.
- You are in 12 month clothes, and 12 month jammies. You are a petite little girl so some 12 month clothes are still a little big on you and some things fit great.
- You are in a size 2 shoe in Carter's brand, but in the Payless brand you are in size 3!
- You are in still in size 3 diapers.
- It's so fun to watch you learn and discover new things, and it seems you are learning new things all the time. Even though sometimes I still think you look like a baby (I think it's because of your lack of hair), you are a little toddler now. You are so beautiful and so sweet and so funny and we just love you so much!

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