Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friends at the Park

Last night we had dinner with Chris' parents at Red Lobster (funny story there...Sara Kate didn't want to eat the chicken strips I got her, she wanted to eat her mommy's crab linguini alfredo!!), and on the way home we decided to stop at a local park and let Sara Kate play. She had a GREAT time, and we pretty much just let her go where ever she wanted to go...from parking lot, over a bridge, through a field, to the play ground, through a field, over a bridge, and back to the car. What was her favorite thing about last night? Well, she made some new friends.
It's obvious that Sara Kate just loves dogs. She thought it was her job to go to every doggy that came near us while we were at the park. Don't worry, I didn't let her get to every dog, and I was very cautious with her around these particular dogs. Fortunately, these 2 dogs and their owners were very sweet and let her love on them. She made a few human friends as well.
She just babbled to the little boy who was walking this sweet dog.
And she just followed this little girl around. She was very sweet to Sara Kate.
Besides making friends, she climbed the slide (of course)...
She went down the slide (a couple times all by her self)...check out her hair post-slide, haha...
She was serious...
And she was silly...
And she played on the bridge and looked like such a big girl.
Overall, we had a great and fun night with our favorite little girl!

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