Saturday, September 3, 2011

Game Day!!!!

After a bitter defeat in the Sugar Bowl by a group of cheaters, er, I mean Ohio State, it's finally here. We've waited a LONG 9 months and today's the football GAME DAY!!!!! Friday's are spirit day at Sara Kate's school so she was dressed for the occasion yesterday! Her teacher Betty's mother made her dress last year and her Uncle Jason's sister made her bow. I know I'm partial because I'm her mother, but she just looked so adorable.
I just had to take a look back to football season 2010 and see my sweet Sara Kate in her Razorback dress this time last year. It was a little bigger then but she was still too cute for words! :-)
When we got home I had to change her clothes so I could wash her dress for today, but she once again wore her Razorback gear proudly!
So what's on our agenda for today?? Well, we will be leaving in a few hours to go tailgate with some friends, and then it's game time!!!
My parents are here for the weekend and they are planning to come tailgate with us, but then they will head out with Sara Kate and spend the evening at home with her. Big thanks to Gran and Pop for keeping their granddaughter tonight! Not that I had to twist their arms too hard, right? :-)

I found this article called 'Down Here' on website called Southern Pigskin. I'm going to take an excerpt from it and let ya'll read it because it is totally true!

"Football in the south is an interesting beast. It’s not a game, it’s not a pastime…it’s a way of life. It’s a mixed drink of family, religion, politics and pageantry, spiked with shots of antagonism, arrogance and pride.

Southern football isn’t tailgating, it’s all-nighting. It’s not about painting your face; it’s about painting your chest. It’s not about grills, it’s about cookers. Inside the stadium, you don’t talk to your neighbors, you yell at them. Those around you aren’t strangers; they’re 85,000 of your closest friends. You don’t go on the road when you travel to see your team play…you go home.

Down here, you’re not born a boy or a girl; you’re born a Gamecock or a Tiger. Down here, college football is just as entrenched in our culture as Jesus, sweet tea and barbeque sandwiches. We say “Yes Ma’am” and “No Sir,” but we also say “Roll Tide,” “War Eagle” and “Pig Sooey.” Down here, two plus two equals third down and six.

Something down here makes this game different. College football has a legitimate influence on state government, a major affect on commerce and local economies and is the lifeblood and pulse of God’s country."

Isn't that an awesome article? And it's all true! College football in the south is a way of life. We live it and we love it!!

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