Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Day

What did we do today? Well here's a little look into our day via iPhone pictures!

We started our day with pancakes at Meme's with cousins Hannah and Hayden (the pictures of that are on Chris' camera). The girls had fun together and the giant man baby is still a giant man baby!! :-)

After breakfast, we had one major mission...find Sara Kate some new shoes!!! She has finally moved up a shoe size (yay!!) and I've been stuffing her poor little feet into too small shoes for a couple weeks now. But we had success and found some cute stuff for the fall/winter!
We also made a stop by Barnes and Noble so Chris could look at a couple things. I took Sara Kate back to the kids section and just let her walk around. She pulled out several books and looked at them, and then we were in the 'Elmo' section and she started pointing up and saying 'duck' 'duck,' with great excitement. I looked up and there was a Big Bird doll on the top shelf. If you've been following my blog at all, you know she has a Big Bird doll that is her 'duck.' We have such a smart girl. :-)
After our successful shoe shopping mission and stop at the book store, it was lunch time! We had a lovely little family lunch at Chick-Fil-A...yum! Sara Kate loved it, of course!!
After lunch it was GAME TIME!!!!

We had high expectations of finally beating that dreadful Crimson Tide and well, plainly put, those expectations fell WWWWAAAAYYYYYY short! I didn't expect it to be a blow out but I expected it to be a reasonably close game since it was the SEC's top offense versus the SEC's top defense. Well, that dang Crimson Tide is one hard core defense and they smoked us. Oh well, we still love our Hogs! And one of these days we'll get ya, Alabama lovin' family!!
Sara Kate's shirt she wore yesterday to school says 'I've been a Razorback fan my whole life!' :-)
A certain someone in the picture above didn't want to take a nap this afternoon so we made a quick little stop by our friends' the Morton's and made a trip to Hobby Lobby, where some silliness ensued and we were reminded that Christmas is right around the corner.
We followed up our visit to Hobby Lobby with a visit to the park, where Sara Kate just ran around and had a ball until it got dark. The park pictures from that are on Chris' camera also so maybe I can post some of those tomorrow. After the park we had a lovely dinner of macaroni and cheese (no picture needed of that...we all know what that looks like, ha!), quickly followed by bath time and bed time for a certain 17 month old!

I finished up this day by making a batch of Cake Batter Truffles, which I made for the first time last weekend and I have been meaning to post the recipe for all week. They are wonderful!! They're a little different tonight than last week but equally delicious!! I'll post that recipe soon. You all MUST try it!!!
Time for bed! Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our day!

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