Sunday, September 18, 2011

Game Day Attire

In our household, we are a 2 team household. I wouldn't say we're that 'house divided' thing, but we are a 2 team household because of me. I spent 4 glorious years in Stark-Hole, I mean Starkville, Mississippi, at Mississippi State University getting my bachelors degree, and in those 4 years some my favorite times were spent on the football field at games. I was a majorette for MSU (and if I had a picture scanned at home I would post one here but I don't), and I can honestly say those were some of the best times of my life. We got to travel to different SEC stadiums, travel to different SEC cities, travel to Bowl Games, and even travel the SEC Championship my freshman year. It was so nerve wracking being half naked wearing essentially a sequined swim suit in front of thousands and thousands of people twirling a little metal stick, it was hot, it was cold, but it was all soooo worth it. Then I graduated and a last minute graduate school opportunity landed me at the University of Arkansas. As a child, I always liked to root for the Hogs, but unfortunately, my grandfather and I were the only Razorback fans in the family. The rest are dreadful Alabama Crimson Tide fans....blahhhh!! Horrible, right? :-) These days it's obvious that our Saturday's are spent cheering on the Hogs, after all we are blessed enough to live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, HOME of the Razorbacks, and Chris and I both have degree's from the U of A. And of course I cheer on the Dawgs in my spare time (Chris doesn't really care about my other team). So with a mama who is a Razorback and Bulldog fan, a daddy who is a Razorback fan, an uncle and aunt who are Bulldog and Razorback fans (my brother followed me to MSU and graduated from there too, and then came to Northwest Arkansas and got a degree from NWACC), and a whole slew of other unmentionable family who cheer for the Tide, what on EARTH is my adorable little daughter supposed to wear?!?

I'll tell ya one thing, she won't be wearing any of this, despite a picture floating around in Facebook-land!! This would be a recent gift from my unmentionable Alabama family to their favorite great granddaughter/great niece. By the way, Cody appreciates his new chew toy, ha!!! :-)
This year she finally has some Mississippi State attire so she's been rockin' that the last couple Thursdays.
This picture cracks me up!
Sara Kate's uncle and aunt sent her a new dress this week that she proudly wore on Thursday. Too bad it didn't give the team any luck! But she looked adorable.
Her little Buddah belly cracks me up, too!And OF COURSE, we wear our Razorback attire PROUDLY all the time...spirit day at school on Friday's, game day Saturday's, the occasional Sunday, and any day in between!! And down in the football lovin' south, we start our babies out young!
Last year...
And this year!!
So there's a little glimpse into Sara Kate's game day closet. She has several more adorable Razorback outfits to debut this season so be on the look out! :-) And one more thing, whenever that Saturday in late November rolls around when my 2 teams play each other, the Razorbacks triumph the Bulldogs and my child will be wearing cardinal and white! :-)

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  1. I am so impressed that you were a majorette! It takes serious guts to do that. I think we need to see a picture... :-)