Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday. It was my 10th anniversary of being 21!! Does that sound better than 31? :-) Actually, thinking back, my 21st birthday was REALLY bad because it was the day after 9/11...but that's a different story. Anyway, I was kind of dumpy about it being my birthday and I'm not sure why. 30 was such a big year...5th wedding anniversary, having a baby, new job...it was great year! How can this year compare to last?? Part of my dumpiness had to do with the fact that my birthday was on a Monday and I had to go to work. Blahh!! I guess I could have taken the day off but just a random Monday to be off by myself wasn't appealing. Although I really missed Sara Kate yesterday so I guess I could have spent the day with her. Despite my dumpiness, my sweet husband made my day great (along with a ton of wonderful Facebook messages!!). He had arranged for his mom to pick up Sara Kate from school so it was just the 2 of us. I got home and he had flowers scattered all over the house...
And he made a fantastic dinner of wood grilled shrimp and pasta with a Rosa sauce. It was seriously delicious!
After dinner we went to his parents house and had some YUMMY cake made by our favorite bakery, Rick's.
I have been talking about/thinking about this delicious strawberry cake we had at the baby shower one of Chris' school's threw for us. It was the shower we had the day before Sara Kate was born and the cake was so fantastic I said that day that I wanted that cake for our daughter's 1st birthday. But it was strawberry, and even though she had had strawberries and we knew she wasn't allergic, I just went with the plain vanilla cake. Fast forward to yesterday and I got that fantastic strawberry cake! And needless to say, I had ALOT to take to work and share!!
And best of all, I got a fantastic present!!
Actually, I got it last weekend when my parents. Chris wanted to give it to me when everyone was together on Sunday because everyone went in on it. I have secretly been wanting an iPad but would have never asked for one because of the price. Needless to say, I was soooooo surprised!! So despite being a Monday and having to go to work and feeling crummy about turning 31, my birthday was great. I am very blessed with great friends and family and I look forward to what this year brings! I think I'll get off this computer and go play on my new toy! :-)

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