Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Review

On Saturday I posted about our weekend game day fun but let me update you more and include lots of pictures! Our tailgate Saturday afternoon was fantastic. The Morton's are excellent hosts and it's always a good time there!
This is our friends Richy and Joanna's dog, Darby. She is staying with Joanna's parents while they are in Ireland, and she and Sara Kate had so much fun together! They just chased each other around afternoon and even tried to take Sara Kate's 'duck.' Darby is a good girl and even tolerated letting us put Sara Kate's bow on her head!
And in normal Sara Kate fashion, she had to go work the room for some food, even though I had just fed her taco meat with cheese and cherries. She 'talked' Terry into giving her his chocolate mousse. We think he liked feeding her as much as she liked eating it!
Then it was game time!! We walked down the hill and made it just in time for pregame. The game was awesome, minus being extremely hot! But it was a wonderful time, and of course our Hogs won big time, with a final score of 51-7...Go Hogs!!
Saturday was also Bob's birthday and since we were all so busy, we didn't get to spend any time with him. But we had birthday lunch at our house after church on Sunday. But first a couple pictures from Sunday morning at church.
Then it was lunch time for everyone! The giant man baby, AKA Hayden, sat in Sara Kate's high chair and ate something orange like a big boy. Sara Kate was napping, so she had no idea that her chair was being used by her youngest cousin. I'm sure she would have objected if she had been awake! :-)
The rest of us had yummy burgers. Happy Birthday, Bob!!
Sara Kate woke up from her nap and realized cousin Hannah was at her house! She was so excited and had to wave 'hi!'
The girls had SO much fun together!! They played and played together, it was so cute. They were sitting in Sara Kate's chair reading books together and the pictures I took were too dark but we reposed them in her rocker and they sat there just as content as can be like this. They are just the best of friends.
The rest of our Sunday consisted of running a few errands, all the girls (even Hannah) got pedicures, and just hanging out at our house.

We woke up this morning to some gloriously cooler weather! Hopefully fall is in the air! My parents had to head out this morning but not before some play time and a little picture time. Hopefully I took some good pictures on mom and dad's camera for them but here are a few Chris took.
I love this picture of my parents watching Sara Kate. I can just see such love and happiness and I love that.
She tried to climb in their car to go with them, but we couldn't let them take her this time.
So they loaded up and we waved good-bye.
We've spent the afternoon doing nothing, well, Sara Kate and I have done nothing. In fact, she's been in her room in her crib for several hours now. She took a nap but has been awake for a while now just in their playing. Chris has been running around doing all kind of computer work for folks, and right now he's in Bentonville helping his grandpa. I guess I need to get Sara Kate up and run to the grocery store so we have food to eat this week. :-) And then we'll come back home and spend more time outside in the wonderfully cooler weather! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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