Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Parade!

Wednesday evening we took Sara Kate to her first parade!!
Fayetteville High School's homecoming is this weekend, and Chris decided we should take Sara Kate to the parade. Every kid likes a good parade, right?? Well, I think she was a little too young to REALLY enjoy it but she was enthralled watching everything go by. Before it started, she was running around like crazy and I was having to chase her and keep her contained in the crowds of people (which made this mama nervous!) but once the firetruck came through and things got underway, she was content in my arms was a really good girl.
That's our mayor in the purple shirt.
EmDog is our friend's son. Him and his brother (not pictured) are a hoot!!
There's sweet Ali giving us a thumb's up! She waved at us and Sara Kate waved back! We love Ali!
These are some of Chris' choir kids from the high school. They pegged their teacher with candy.
Everybody is entitled to their own opinions, but I'm gonna throw an opinion out there into the blog-o-sphere. I think it's awesome that Fayetteville High School had a PRIDE float!!
Here's a picture of one of the maid's. At my high school, there was 2 girls from each grade (9-12) on the court and then the queen. Fayetteville has 4 maid's and the queen. And they all wore weird hats. This pretty girl is one of Chris' choir kids. And what's up with the kid driving who looks about 13?! :-)
After the parade, they had a big pep rally in front of the Town Center where the band played and the coach talked.
We walked to the other side of the square (where we could still hear everything) and sat on a bench and had a lovely picnic of PBJ's (cheese sandwich for Sara Kate), grapes, and chips. Overall, we had a great evening and minus almost getting pegged in the head with candy a couple times, Sara Kate enjoyed the show. We'll look forward to many more of these as she grows up!

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