Sunday, October 2, 2011

This & That

*Warning: This blog is full or randomness!!

Happy Sunday afternoon!! What's been going on in the Michaels household?? The answer is NOT MUCH but let me start with today. 7 years ago, on October 2, 2004, I received a huge shock! The gist is that I got a pretty little diamond ring put on my finger by a guy named Chris. :-) We had been dating about 9 months, and he had me convinced that he was going to propose around our 1 year anniversary in January. After driving around town and reminiscing about when we 'went there' and when we 'did that' (which we did from time to time), we made a stop by our church (which we did often), and went into the sanctuary. Chris had his guitar case with him and I can't remember if he had me turn around or if I did on my own, but when I turned to face him again he was on his knee. He proposed at our church because that's where we met, and we already knew that's where we would get married. The other part of the surprise was that he had planned a surprise engagement party at his parents house with our friends and family, and my parents had even driven up as a surprise!! Whole day equaled surprise of the year!!! Here's a picture of us from that day. I look like crap because I had been crying time after time after time that afternoon!!
October 2, 2004
October 2, 2011 So happy 'engagement anniversary' to us! Ha!! So glad that day happened and I have these 2 in my life today! In other weekly news, we have had some lovely cooler weather come through and it's been glorious!! Fall is in the air!
But before we had a cool spell come, we had a couple really warm days! It was warm enough to break out a summer dress and sandals! I hear all kinds of weather things from farmers at work, from old wives tales to stuff from the Farmers Almanac, and I heard recently (can't remember from where) that we are supposed to have more dry weather and more elevated temperatures. Ugh!!! For now, we'll just enjoy this cool spell and hope there is occasional rain in the forecast. :-)

Sara Kate has become a big 'helper.' She likes to help do things, like helping mommy take a pile of laundry from the bedroom to the laundry room, and then she will hand me pieces to put in the washer. Or she likes for me to hand her stuff from the washer to put into the dryer. She helped Meme take out her trash and recycling recently. Her teachers at school told me she's really good about helping to clean up the toys (and then once she puts everything away she looks around and throws her hands up like, where are all the toys?! Ha!!). And she even likes to 'help' with the dish washer. And by 'help' I mean CLIMB into the dishwasher and be a nuisance. And I mean that in the sweetest way possible. :-)
I mentioned in my last 'monthly' blog that Sara Kate had become a really good eater. Well that lasted for a few weeks and this week has been a little off. She wants things off our plate (even though it's the same thing that's on her plate), she wants to do things her way in her time, she doesn't want very much (which is sometimes unusual), or she looks back pointing at the fridge or pantry. A couple nights this week she just had cheese and apple sauce. Lovely. Tuesday night we had tacos, and I put some meat, beans, and cheese on her plate (which is stuff she loves). But she was being very finicky about it and so finally I just gave her her plate. And this was the result. Messy?? YES!! But she ate it! I call these pictures Taco Party!! Our weekend has been filled with alot of nothing, as well. Chris had to judge All Region Choir yesterday, Sara Kate and I had breakfast at Meme and Poppa's, we came home and watched our Hogs WIN (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Chris and I went to a going away dinner for a friend last night, Sara Kate spent the night at Meme and Poppa's, we had church today, I had a belated baby shower afterwards for sweet Brandy and Landry, Chris has a photo shoot gig this afternoon, I have a meeting...and that's about it!! Hope everyone had a good weekend and a good week!

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