Friday, October 14, 2011

A Few Cute Things

This blog is just going to include a few cute things that Sara Kate is doing right now that I want to remember. I'll start with a video of her signing 'more please.' This was taken last week when she first started doing it so I was having to prompt her with the 'please' but she's got it now. Also, excuse the crappy video. For some reason I was filming and feeding so the video gets interesting at times.

Sara Kate can be very sweet and loving, and we can ask her to give kisses and she will. Sometimes we don't even have to ask, she will just lean in open mouthed for a kiss, like today when I picked her up from school. But tonight before dinner I told her to give Meme kisses, and she did. Open mouthed, sweet, slobbery kisses. I love that sweet girl!
She is starting to want to climb on things. She'll pull her leg up on something (like the chair ottoman or the side of the bath tub...ughh!), but since she's a short girl there's not much she has been successful at climbing up on. But she did make it on this chair tonight. And she wanted to slide off and climb back up over and over again.
Thursday after we got home, I was fixing dinner and Chris turned on Sara Kate's 'Baby Einstein' video to watch while she ate her snack. Well, she sat down on the floor and I thought I would try to get her 'Sara Kate' chair out of her room to see if she would sit in it and watch her video. She did for a while, and she looked like such a big girl. You can also see her sweet mullet, too...ughhh!!! :-)
She knows how we talk on the phone! She doesn't actually talk to anyone yet but if we give her the phone, she knows what to do!
And finally, we're teaching her the Hog Call!! Woooo Pig Sooie!! I don't have it on video yet, but as soon as she knows it, you better believe I'll post it on here!! Right now she knows when I say 'Wooooo' she puts her hands in the air. So cute. Can't wait to send that video to the Alabama lovin' family! :-)

We're taking a trip to a local pumpkin patch tomorrow so hopefully I'll have lots of adorable pictures to post from our visit. Happy weekend!!

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