Sunday, October 16, 2011

Farmland Adventures

Yesterday we attended our very first pumpkin patch as a family. I really wanted to go last fall to get the obligatory photo op in the pumpkin patch with our 'lil pumpkin,' but it never happened. As soon as 'fall' arrived, I started searching websites to find the perfect place to go to. There are several in our area, but I decided on Farmland Adventures because it seemed to be 'the best bang for your buck' as far as all the activities offered for your admission fee...although I think Sara Kate was still too young to enjoy everything so we probably could have gone some place a little cheaper. Our friends The Wheelers joined us there, along with Chris' mom, and it was nice to have some good company. Chris also took the opportunity to photograph Jill, Michael, and adorable little Emma. I'll sneak a picture or two on here because they are too cute not to share! These are good, but the best will hopefully be on his blog/website soon!
I had visions of cute little family pictures like this and Sara Kate sitting and smiling in a field of pumpkins, but my vision quickly became clouded when she wouldn't sit still, certainly wouldn't sit by the pumpkins, barely sat in my lap by the pumpkins, and wanted to do her own thing, not what her mama had envisioned. Oh well. That's what I get for having perfect thoughts like that with a busy 18 month old, ha! There's always next year.
After a photo shoot with Emma and the pumpkins, we headed to the small corn maze. They had a large corn maze too, which you had to watch a short video for, get a map for, AND it took an HOUR, so we quickly opted for the small corn maze, especially with a 7 month old and an 18 month old!
Sara Kate led the way and eventually we made it out!
They had hay bales set up for play in a little obstacle course, which was big fun. Apparently she about got trampled by some older kids...I didn't see that but Chris told me about it. Nice.
If I had to guess, Sara Kate would say the best part of her day was the petting zoo!!!! Oh my word, my child has absolutely NO fear around animals, and I mean around ANY animals! She went from cage to cage, just sticking her arms in wanting to pet anything and everything that moved!! They had cows, calves, horses, mini horses, goats, pigs, and a very interesting zebra/horse thing. You can't see it in the pictures, but she had the BIGGEST smile on her face and was just squealing with delight. Several other parents commented to me how she had no fear around the animals. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing that I had comments from other parents, ha!!
Besides it's goofy looking head, how cool does this thing look?! I just had to get our picture with it, ha!!The girls gave each other the stare down. I have a whole post to do about Sara Kate and her 'friends,' especially the younger ones! This is a pretty cute picture, though.
Before we left, we let Sara Kate play in the corn box. Oh my word, she had a blast. And she got MAD when I took her out and it was time to leave!! When she was playing in the corn box I saw our local weather man, Dan Skoff, watching his kids play in the corn box. Chris wouldn't let me be a total dork and go say something to him, haha!!
I'll end this post by the very very very limited photo ops I got with my child at our first pumpkin patch. This one turned out pretty cute, even though that's a fake 'I'm getting mad so put me down' smile. :-)
And one more on our way out the gate, also a 'put me down I'm getting mad' smile.
Like I said, she's a busy girl!

If anyone in Northwest Arkansas is looking for a pumpkin patch, the Farmland Adventures website can be found HERE, and it's a pretty neat place. Enjoy!!

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