Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feeding Herself

I think I mentioned in Sara Kate's latest monthly post that she's very much into doing things herself, as far as eating goes. When we feed her things off our plates with a fork, she still lets us do it (and I don't want to let her do it because I don't want her to stick herself!), but if I have her spoon out, she wants to do things herself! I took this video a week or 2 ago while she was finishing up her dinner. She decided that she wanted to eat the apple sauce HERSELF, and you'll see that even daddy trying to adjust the spoon for her was just not going to happen!! It was cracking me up. She doesn't get the 'scoop' yet so it's just kind of like a dip. Last night she was eating apple sauce and she ended up turning the spoon upside down and was dipping the handle part in instead of the spoon part. After a while of that, she decided that using her hands would just be easier. Yep, that was a fun dinner clean up, ha!! Anyway, enjoy this video of Sara Kate feeding herself!

Not much else is going on this week. Chris and I had a date night Tuesday night to go to the Walton Arts Center to see 'West Side Story.' It was great!! Before it started he asked me what I knew about the story line, and I told him that in 9th or 10th grad AP English, we watched the movie (which was from like the 60's or 70's). Any classmates remember that? Think maybe it was in Shofner's class. Anyway, the show was updated and it was really good! Meme came over to stay here with Sara Kate (thanks, Meme!!), and they had a great night.

Tomorrow at Sara Kate's school they are having a little Halloween party, and I'm supposed to bring her costume so they can take pictures for the walls outside her classroom. Until this week, there was still a picture of her on the wall in her giraffe outfit from last year. So cute. Here's a little sneak peak of what she is this year. :-)
We had a cold front come through yesterday/today with some rain and our temperatures have dropped!! It definitely feels and looks like fall! We even had to kick our heater on. Think we're going to try to get some fall pictures of Sara Kate and the 3 of us this weekend. I'll leave you with a picture from Monday morning before school of Sara Kate in an adorable little fall dress from her Gran. Crappy cell phone quality picture (dress is navy), but oh so cute!!

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