Monday, October 10, 2011

18 Month Appoiment

Today Sara Kate had her 18 month appointment! I put her in a cute little pink and white stripped dress that she wore alot over the summer, and when I picked her up I realized that she doesn't need to be wearing that dress anymore. That cute little dress barely covered her hiney! Oops! But my goal was no pants or leggings since she was getting shots.

Here are her stats:
Weight: 23 lb., 8 oz. (50th percentile)

Height: 30.33 inches (20th percentile)

Head Circumference: 18.1 inches (45th percentile)

Looking back at her 12 month appointment, she was 25th percentile for weight (20 lb., 0 oz.), 10th percentile for height (27.64 inches), and 50th percentile for head circumference (17.8 inches). I looked at her growth chart on the doctor's computer and her height graph has kind of been all over the place. Her weight and head circumference have been pretty uniform over the last several appointments. I've known that we have a petite girl on our hands but she continues to be petite! We had a questionnaire to fill out that had to do with early signs of autism, and she passed that with flying colors. The nurse came in and measured her head circumference and height...and Sara Kate thought she would measure her own head, ha! Those measurements were a little trickier this time because she didn't want to sit still!! We went out in the hall and she got weighed, and when she stopped squirming her weight settled on 23 lb, 8 oz (I know that's not what the scale said...picture was snapped during a squirmy moment).
After her measurements, the nurse came in and was playing a little patting rhythm game with her and made a comment that she was a smart girl because she was patting the table in the exact same rhythm the nurse! She does come from a musical family, but we'll agree that she's smart! :-) Next the pediatrician came in and checked her out. Sara Kate did NOT like that cold stethoscope on her back! She also didn't like the doctor looking in her ears and in her mouth! Oh my, you'd think she was being tortured. But she turned it off immediately when she got a new book! I think it's so cool that the clinic gives the kids a book at every appointment. Past books have had something to do with emotion, or animals, or words. This one was about opposites, and it's a 'Clifford' book. She was sitting in Chris' lap and we actually told her to look at me and smile, and she did!!! What a cute picture this turned out to be! Too bad she has no clothes on. :-) The doctor said she looks perfect, that she's hitting all her developmental milestones so just to keep doing what we're doing. The one thing she said Sara Kate is "behind" on is her teething, but I knew she doesn't seem to have alot of teeth for her age. She stays on whole milk until she's 2 then can go to 2%, and we're holding off on peanuts/peanut butter until she's 2. I wasn't prepared to ask any questions this time, unlike last appointment when my questions were full of weaning from nursing, starting cow's milk, certain foods, etc. So glad we have a healthy happy girl! We got her dressed and played while we waited on the dreadful shot part of the appointment. Here's how I caption the next 2 pictures...
"I have this new book...
And it's hilarious!!" :-)
At one point while we were waiting my mom called and Sara Kate put her hand to her ear like a phone. 'Hello?' So cute. Fun time ended and my sweet girl got 4 shots, 2 in each leg. The nurses work like a machine to get it done quickly. Chris was holding her arms and I was waiting with open arms to comfort her. Oh, that scream...the red face, no breath, mouth wide open, tears in eyes...I'll never get used to that scream. It brought tears to my eyes this time (Chris said the nurse on one side jabbed the needle in really far...poor baby). She cried and cried and it took us a while to comfort her. She kept pushing our hands away from her poor little legs. The good news is that she's done with shots until she's 4!! So our next few appointments will just be well baby appointments to check her stats and development! Chris has a concert tonight so he had to head to that. Sara Kate and I ran to Target to get some baby Motrin for the possible swelling from one of the shots (MMR). We walked around a bit and walked down to Kohl's, and we finished our evening by driving through Chick-Fil-A and coming home to share some chicken strips. We cuddled and she watched a little Baby Einstein and then it was bath and bed time. Hopefully she'll be fine tonight and tomorrow and won't have any reaction to her shots. I'll leave you with one last picture that cracks me up. I can't remember why I got it, but I got THE look during dinner! HAHA!!!

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  1. Oh now I am dreading Emma's 18 month appt!! :-( Glad everything is developing right on track with SK and from one petite girl to's GREAT! ;-)