Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Our 'little lady' wishes everyone a very Happy Halloween full of lots of treats!
We went to the Fayetteville square this afternoon for the big event with local businesses, and it was packed!! I heard something like there were 2,000 kids there. There was a huge line stretching around the square, or the side with the businesses, and we just walked around in the street and across the road from the gigantic line of kids. We hit up some of the side streets and Sara Kate did get a little bit of candy, not that she can eat any of it yet. She wasn't sure what to make of it all, and was a little freaked out by spooky noises outside some shops. I'd say it was definitely sensory overload for her! But she was great and just held our hands the whole time.
Tonight we stopped by Ali's...Sara Kate got invited to the big kids Halloween party! Ali is so sweet. Chris took a really funny picture of her and her boyfriend in their costume but he hasn't uploaded it yet. We also made a stop by Meme's to say hi. Sara Kate was a little freaked out at first by Meme's witch hat and the noise making pumpkin by her door but she got used to it and was mesmerized by it by the time we left! We have picture of Meme and Sara Kate too that hasn't been uploaded yet. So more Halloween pictures coming soon!

We've had a great afternoon/evening and are all exhausted! Time to hit the sack! Hope everyone had a fun night!

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