Saturday, October 8, 2011

18 Months

Sara Kate, you are 18 months old!! I can't believe you are a year and a half!! What have you been up to??
- When we were taking your picture I said, 'Sara Kate, how old are you?' And you pointed to your sticker!
- You are such a big girl at school. You walk right into your classroom and have been doing so good about just walking in all smiley, taking off your jacket, and walking right to your teachers. As long as someone will let you sit in their lap when we get there, you are perfectly content. You may look back at me and smile or wave bye-bye or you may just watch me leave. I will admit that when you walked right to Miss Katie and turned and waved bye-bye to me one day last week, it really tugged at my heart strings. You're schedule is the same as last month but it looks a little something like this: I wake you up around 6:45 and get you dressed (lately you've been waking up right before I get to your room and you are sitting up just happy as can be), around 7:30. You have breakfast that I pack for you around 8:30 (usually some combo of a breakfast bar, yogurt, or a banana) and you drink juice/water. You have lunch between 11 and 11:30 and you eat whatever they are having at school and you drink milk with lunch. You go down for a nap after lunch and it lasts between 11:30-1:30, usually about an hour and a half. After nap is snack time between 2-2:30, which is some kind of cracker, and you have water with your snack. You get picked up between 4:30-5:30 and we head home! You're day is so busy and you are always very tired by the end of the day!
- Because you are so tired at the end of the day, we start your bedtime routine between 7:45-8, depending on your mood. You have a bath every night, but several nights lately you are so tired by then that you just cry and want us to take you out (which is unusual because you always LOVE bath time!!). I still rock you to sleep, and you are asleep by 8:30.
- Eating is back to being hit or miss. Some nights you do great eating what we eat and some nights you don't want what we have (like last night!). Even though your dish will have the same thing that is on my plate, you want what's on mine or daddy's plate instead. You are also starting to assert your independence when eating and want to do things yourself, like eating the taco meat with your hands or taking your spoon out of my hand and feeding yourself. Here's some things you like and don't like: you love spaghetti or any kind of pasta with a red or white sauce, you LOVE cheese (this is a new discovery...I can give you a piece of sandwich cheese and you will scarf it down! Or if we have the shredded cheese out you will point to it and open your mouth.), you love grapes and apple sauce, lately you haven't been wanting bananas (which is weird because you have loved bananas in the past), you love green beans and corn, you have started liking rice recently (which you used to not like), you love your turkey and cheese sandwiches, and you love any kind of bread! I can ask you if you want something and if you don't, you will shake your head 'no.'
- You are still signing 'more' when eating, and you know know 'more please!' Meme taught you to sign 'please' in one night! We are working on 'thank you' and 'cup.'
- You are such a smart little girl! We tell you to 'get a bib' and go to your room and get one, try to put it on, and go to your high chair, you know how the buckles on your high chair and car seats work, you can decipher if you do or don't want something (drink, food, certain toy), when you play with your shape ball you know where each shape goes and you know how to open it to get the shape blocks back out, you know where your head, knees and toes are (from the song 'Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes), you know where your nose, eyes, and mouth are, you know how to put your shirts and shoes on and like to help me get you dressed, you are learning how to count 1, 2, 3...just a few examples of things you are learning.
- You LOVE music!! Pretty much all your toys have some kind of music to them and you will just push the music buttons over and over again and smile and dance. You still love your Baby Einstein videos (you shriek with delight when we turn them on!), and I think it's because they are filled with music. You will watch bits and pieces of other shows like 'Sesame Street' or 'The Mickey Mouse Club,' but you mainly watch the parts with music. You also love to play the piano with daddy!
- You love your blocks, your shape ball (the ball with the shape blocks in it), any kind of ball, and your books. You love putting things away and then getting them back out, like you're clothes out of your drawer or dirty clothes basket or any kind of toy in a bag or basket.
- You're a busy little girl and will just run all over the place! You're feet still can get ahead of you and cause you to trip and fall...unfortunately, that happened several times this weekend.
- You now have your 4 bottom teeth, and 3 top teeth, and SEVERAL more are soooo close to breaking the skin. Your poor little gums are swollen on top and bottom, and we can see little white pearls right under the skin in several spots. You get so upset at bath time when we go to brush your teeth and I know it's because your gums hurt. Fortunately, besides drooling quite a bit, teething hasn't bothered you too much.
- You are talking up a storm, but there aren't really any new words that we can make out. You are starting to make the 'b' sound so maybe 'ball' will start to sound like 'ball' instead of 'dall.' :-) Words you use regularly include mama, dada, cat, doggy, again, ball, this one, that one, there, and yeah.
- You love outside and will go to the door and say 'didide.' We spend lots of time walking around the yard, and we spend lots of time at the park now that the weather is nicer!
- You are still wearing size 12 month clothes, and I've gotten back out some of your 9 month clothes you wore this spring since we're kind of in between seasons right now. Your fall clothes that I've been buying are size 18 months are they are pretty big on you!! You are still wearing 12 month pajamas but your jammies for the fall/winter are 18 months so we'll be getting those out soon, too.
- You are still wearing your size 3 summer sandals (from Payless), but your new fall shoes are size 4. I think they are a little big because when you've worn them to school they aren't on your feet anymore by the end of the day when you get picked.
- You are in size 4 diaper.
- You are learning so much these days, and you amaze us more and more every day. Your beautiful smile just warms my heart. We are so proud to be your parents, and we love you so much!

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