Sunday, October 30, 2011

Low Key Weekend & Family Pics!!

We had a very low key weekend. Not much was going on and we definitely took advantage of it. We did get the opportunity to take family pictures, combined with Sara Kate's 18 month pictures. The weather was just perfect and the leaves are changing right now so there are some really pretty places around town. I'll come back to that in a second.

Saturday morning we headed to Chris' parents house and had pancakes. Sharon has been inviting us over alot on Saturday mornings, and she says it's something she's always wanted to do with the grand kids. Since we live right down the road, we've taken advantage of her invite a couple times now. Sara Kate loves Meme's pancakes, of course!! Chris had to head off to a photo shoot right after breakfast, but Sara Kate and I stayed back to play for a bit. It was chilly outside, but we went outside anyways and took advantage of the sunshine!
We came home just in time to watch the Razorback game (OF COURSE!!!), and oh my goodness were we shocked at the ending!! Our team played like crap but a win is a win!
Today we have done alot of, played outside, played inside, laundry, grocery shopping, ya know, normal Sunday activities. I have a yummy recipe to share of something I made for dinner tonight. It was a delicious soup, and I'll just leave ya hanging for now and try and get the recipe posted later. :-)
Check out that sweet hair!!
Ok, back to our family pictures. Chris is really into photography now, is setting up a little side business, and has taken some absolutely great snaps of Sara Kate, but I thought it just wasn't possible for him to snap our fall family pics. I contact our photographer Beth Hall, who we have used in the past, but her prices have gone up and it's just not in the budget right now. Onto Plan B!! Chris is really into photography, but he's been teaching some stuff to our friend Ali (who is Sara Kate's favorite non family babysitter and who Chris has been working on taking her Senior pictures), and she's getting into photography, too. So we called on her to use Chris' camera and snap for us. We also called on Meme to be support for Sara Kate!! We decided on the Old Main lawn on the U of A campus because it's really pretty there right now. Because it's so pretty at the moment and the weather was perfect Saturday, us and tons of other people had the same idea! There were families getting their pictures taken all over that place!! But we found some great locations, and Ali did a fantastic job of snapping for us. Chris has been editing today, and we are just thrilled with how they turned out. I'll leave you with a few little peaks!
Like I said, these pictures doubled as Sara Kate's 18 month pictures, and we did the same thing last year...our fall family pictures doubled as her 6 month pictures. It just so happened that we did these pictures on the exact same weekend, on the exact same day, exactly a year apart.
Sara Kate at 6 months...
And Sara Kate at 18 months!
My how things have changed! I love going back and looking at where we were at year ago. I love that little girl, and I love my little family!

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