Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Evening at the Park

While Chris was at the high school running sound for a choir production Friday night, Sara Kate and I were at home with nothing to do. The weather was nice (for a change) so I decided we should go to the park! We have a park down at the northwest corner of our neighborhood but it was under water this past week due to flooding. And that park will be nice and handy for when Sara Kate is a little older but for now it's a little too 'old' for her. So we loaded up the stroller and headed to a local park with nice walking trails and a nice playground. I had assumed there would be swings and we could play but alas, no such luck. Seriously, a park without swings?!? Oh well, no swinging this park trip but we did enjoy a nice walk and a little photo shoot out in a pretty rock pavilion area. This park happened to be under quite a bit of water earlier this week because of flooding too, but the water level had gone down and we had a nice evening.
Some pretty scenery
Here's Sara Kate chillin' by a bench...
This may even be the same bench she was chillin' at during this visit to the park when she was about a month almost exactly a year ago.
Once again, wow has she changed!!
And now some photos from our impromptu photo session. Impromptu photo session pretty much equals me snapping pictures while letting her crawl around at the pavilion. Hey, at least I got some cute shots! Not alot of smiles...she was on a serious mission to check everything out.
She's like, whatcha doin' mom?! Oh really? This looks like something that should go in my mouth! Aren't her eyes just absolutely gorgeous?!? I know I'm a little partial. :-)
Kisses for mama...
She was worn out by the time we got home!
And on on this day, the day of the Royal Wedding, my princess went to bed with jammies displaying exactly what she is... :-)

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