Sunday, May 22, 2011

One Step at a Time

As of this weekend, Sara Kate has a new trick. No, not the BIG trick but she's getting there!

It was a muggy but decent evening out tonight so we spent some time in the driveway hanging out. Chris showed Sara Kate his serious basketball skills...hehe! :-) And she loved rolling the ball back and forth with daddy!
As bad as Sara Kate has felt all weekend with the teething (The right canine tooth has broken the skin!! But the other 3 are still just on the edge.), she was in a really good mood tonight and it was a great opportunity to get some pictures of her. She does like being outside, though.
She started holding her hands out to the side and making this face like, what are you talking about?!? Seriously, she cracks me up.
Drool anyone? She's making enough these days to fill a pool! This was her second onesie today because she soaked the first one earlier.
And after sitting outside tonight in the humidity, it looks like she's got my hair, which frizzes and curls up in humidity...poor kid! Fortunately we aren't in south Arkansas (as far as humid weather goes) but we do have enough to send my hair into fits.
Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend! Bye-bye!

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