Tuesday, May 17, 2011


What did Sara Kate have for dinner tonight?
Did she want the carrots I had just made her? NO!
Did she want some of the pork tenderloin we had? NO!

She only wanted watermelon.
Which yesterday she wanted nothing to do with. And the day before that she wanted. And Friday she didn't want anything to do with. But tonight she loved it and couldn't get enough.
That is until she had some corn on the cob...
Then all she wanted was that!
So if she ever acts like she doesn't like watermelon or corn on the cob, she's lying!! And I now have photographic proof that she's a BIG fan of both! :-) And yes, I realize that it looks like she's bleeding from the neck but don't worry, it's just watermelon! :-) And now she desperately needs a bath so night-night everyone!

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