Saturday, May 7, 2011

Family Time

Warning: picture heavy post! :-)
I feel like I'm kind of behind in blogging so I'm gonna play a little catch up on the last several weekends. We've spent a good deal of time lately with Chris' family, which has been nice. Seems like we've gotten to see Hayden about every week of his life so far. Of course we've missed spending time with my family, but we'll see everyone next weekend in Memphis. All this family time has meant Sara Kate has gotten to spend lots of time with her cousins, and has even made a trip to Berryville Easter weekend to see them. During that visit, she learned a new trick...she learned to climb and go down stairs!! See the video's pretty funny/cute!
But I'll start with a week before Easter (I think)...
Bath time fun for the girls...Hannah loves to have bath time with Sara Kate in Meme's tub... Then the little guy gets in on the action. And the girls are oblivious to it!
The night Hayden was born I had changed Sara Kate into her jammies for our drive home. Hannah told me she wanted jammies like Sara Kate, but of course they don't make 3T footy jammies. But I did find matching jammies for the girls, and they were so cute and Hannah was so appreciative. So we tried to get a picture of them after bath time. That was a giant FAIL!! 2 tired girls were not having it that evening! But they were still cute. Now onto our trip to Berryville in the torrential down pours the Saturday before Easter. Sara Kate did great on the trip over, except that she didn't want to take a nap because me and her Meme were sitting in the back seat with her. Once there, poor Jason grilled burgers for us out in the rain, well he was under some kind of shed awning but still. Big storms led to LOTS of water, but we had a good time while there.
Mastering the stairs...she did it over and over and over and over again...

Hannah and I played Barbie.
Sara Kate saw her first deer...well I guess she saw it last summer but was more interested in it this visit. Family picture time!
Sweet girls...I hope they grow up being best friends. Sara Kate is enthralled with Hannah when they are together and Jenny has told me that Hannah talks about Sara Kate all the time when they are at home. These girls are going to have to stick together some day to defend themselves from Hayden the Beast! Brother and sister... Meme and Poppa with all their kids and then just the grand kids... These next 2 pictures crack me up. Sara Kate and Hayden were checking each other out, and then Chris snapped a picture just in time to make it look like Hayden punched Sara Kate. Ha!!!! Finally, today we had some family time up in Bentonville with Chris' grandmother for Mother's Day. We had a nice lunch with Grandma and Grandpa up there...of course, we missed Chris' dad being there with us. We stopped off at the mall on the way home, hung out at Meme's house for a bit, and then enjoyed a delicious dinner. An aside...any northwest Arkansas folks ever tried Cafe Delta Soul in Fayetteville? Delicious food, huge quantities, and a decent price. Try it if you haven't! Overall, we have had a great day! Happy early Mother's Day for any mom's out there, especially to my mom and mother in law (and to Jenny and my bestie in Georgia)!!

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