Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sick Days with Mom

Hey, ya'll. It's me, Sara Kate! I thought I'd tell you what I've been up to this week. Yesterday I got sent home from school for something called hand, foot, and mouth disease. Sounds bad, right? Apparently me and most of my friends in my class shared it because we all got sent home. Mom took me to the doctor (where I saw 2 of my friends from school) after she picked me up. We had to wait forever in the waiting room because once we checked in, they forgot to tell the doctor we were there. Mom said she was a little annoyed. Oh well. I was kept me occupied by reading some books...I'm really diggin' those things these days. The doctor saw me and confirmed that I had hand, foot, and mouth, but he said I wasn't contagious anymore. The people at school said I had to stay home for a couple days but the doctor said I could go back...mom was really confused about what to do! She said didn't want to be 'that parent' who took her sick kid to school so she kept me home today. You can kind of see my rash around my mouth in this picture, and I also have a couple bumps on my hand. My bottom is pretty rash-y, too, but I won't show you a picture of that. What?!? You say I'm sick? I don't feel sick!
I've had a ball today at home with mom! I woke up around 7 and me and mom played blocks. Then we had breakfast. She shared her poptart with me. She even gave me some of the iced part...that iced brown sugar and cinnamon part was yummy! I guess that's what happen when you're sick, you get spoiled! :-) Don't worry though, I had some healthy banana to go with my unhealthy poptart!
Anyway, after breakfast, I practiced my walking skills. I'm getting pretty good at that. I even turned my toy around when I hit a corner and I pushed it and walked with one hand!
After walking practice, I chased the cat for a while. That's fun! One of these days I'll catch her. I also loved on my doggy, Cora. She is very sweet and lets me tug and walk all over her. Then mom and I played blocks again...that's super fun! We did that for a long time. I like to take the blocks out of the bag and put them back in. She teased me by turning on the TV...I thought she was going to turn on my Baby Einstein show, but instead she got caught up on something called 'American Idol.' I don't know what that is, but the music was sometimes interesting and I danced and bounced a little. I got pretty tired after that and took a nap. It wasn't super long but it was long enough for mom to get a shower. Wasn't that nice of me? :-) After my nap, I played in my room a bit.
I played a game of pull all my dirty clothes out of the hamper and put them back...that's a fun one! It looks like mom needs to do my laundry, doesn't it?! :-)
After I played a little more, I found out I was going to meet my new friend Landry for the first time! We are 1 year and 3 days apart and my mom and her mom said we're gonna be really good friends. I decided I better brush my hair for the special occasion.
I sat in my mom's lap while Landry had a bottle and while my mom and Mrs. Brandy talked. I got a little jealous when mom held the baby but I got over it when I got some Cheerio's. Mom got the baby to fall asleep for a bit so Mrs. Brandy made me a cheese sandwich and cut up part of a banana for me. Yum! At one point I shared my changing table with Landry. She has awesome hair. Maybe one day she can teach me how to grow some!
I said good-bye to my new friend and mom and I played a little more in my room. We read some books and then I started acting silly!
I had another nap (which was quite long and surprised mom!), and then since it was nice outside mom decided to take me on a walk. It was nice, although it was really muggy outside! She said we had to get our walk in now because some really gnarly weather is supposed to roll in later. By gnarly, I mean BAD! Mom said the hat she bought me is a little too big, but I still looked cute! She said I'll grow into it!
Eventually daddy got home and I hung out with him.
We ate some dinner and I did my normal evening activities...really much of the same stuff I did all day today, minus the hangin' with Landry part. Overall I had a fun day home with mom today. I think dad is going to stay home with me tomorrow and then I may get to go back to school on Thursday. I have to get better so I can see Poppa on Friday and my cousins, Hannah and Hayden, during the weekend. Hope everyone is having a good week!