Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend

We had a super busy Memorial weekend! We found out Thursday night that my brother was moving this weekend. So my parents came up Friday evening and we helped him move out of his apartment on Saturday. The plan was to load up Saturday, my dad was pulling the U-Haul to Memphis, where they were depositing his stuff for a week. Then this upcoming weekend Holly and Phillip and I assume her parents are moving their stuff to the apartment in Nashville. Back to Saturday...Saturday we had breakfast (where Sara Kate proceeded to eat an entire donut!!), and mom and dad went to Phillip's. They came back at lunch and everyone hung out at our house for a bit. Gran and Pop got to spend a little time with Sara Kate and that's always a good thing!
Then we got a little surprise visit from this little girl...
And this little, eh, BIG guy!
Hayden was hanging out in Sara Kate's chair and she was wondering what that was all about...
But then she gave in and decided it was alright...
How sweet is that?!? Glad I snapped the picture when I did because she didn't hold his hand long, ha! We attempted a few pictures of all the kids. Here's another super sweet picture. Hannah loves her little brother.
Now, it's not easy to get a 2 month old, a 1 year old, and a 3 year old to look at the camera all at the same time and to get the older ones to I couldn't back up any more where I was sitting.
Silly Hannah!!
Take 2...still no success. Oh well, one day.
The girls played for a little bit, and Hannah even managed to make a mess with bubbles on Sara Kate's floor. I'm still not sure how she got the bubbles off the high shelf they were on, but Jenny walked in to check on them and Hannah was rubbing her hands on the floor and they were covered in suds. And Sara Kate was holding the bottle. We figure it went down like this...Hannah got the bubbles, got the lid off, spilled them, thought uh-oh, and handed the bottle to Sara Kate to try and mop up the evidence and make Sara Kate look guilty. HAHA!! These girls are going to keep us on our toes as they grow!! Anyway, we headed back to Phillip's to load up and that pretty much took the rest of the evening. No exciting moving pictures, though.

Sunday was church and we had the whole family with us (minus Jason but he came back after his church in Berryville), which was nice...and somehow we didn't get a picture, oh well. A few weeks ago I bought Hannah and Sara Kate these matching dresses (you know I can't resist an animal print!!) and Jenny thought to bring Hannah's...perfect!!
Take 1 at getting their picture together...FAIL!
Take 2...FAIL! Ha!
This guy just chilled the whole time.
Then Sara Kate had to have a little snuggle time with Gran.
We headed home and had to reload part of the truck before my parents and Phillip and Holly headed east. This was the last time were all going to be together for a while so we had to have picture time.
I'm sad to see Phillip go for lots of reasons, but the main one is the little cutie he's holding. The two of them have a special bond and she just lights up when she sees him. He's going to miss so much of her growing up and I can only hope that she will remember and know him. Such is life I guess, especially with my family scattered all over 3 states now.

After they left we headed over to Chris' parents house to hang out with them for the rest of the day. Jenny and I snuck out and got a pedicure, which was lovely. And the kids had a lovely time messing around at Meme and Poppa's house, too!
I love this sweet!
Hayden just chilled with whoever would hold him...
And at that point in time, it was Grandpa Mase!
After nap time, I ended up with 2 little babies cuddling with me. Sara Kate was even a sweet girl and had her arm around her cousin. That was before she hit him in the face, ha!
Picture time with Meme and Poppa and then it was time for everyone to head home.
Monday we spent time at the house doing normal stuff, laundry and grocery shopping.
Chris' dad did come over and they fixed a leaky spot near a vent in our roof. They also checked the rest of the roof and determined everything looked good, especially since we've had so many rain and hail storms lately. I finished a little project that I'll blog about later, and then Chris' mom and dad came over for dinner. Sara Kate showed off her walking skills only holding 1 hand...actually she had to be strongly coerced to walk with just 1 hand! But she's doing great with her walking and balance and cruising.
Despite our super busy weekend, it was great to spend so much time with both our families. Hopefully we can all get together again soon.

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