Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Taking Things Slow

No real progress has been made on the walking front since Sunday.
Sara Kate is very particular about things, and she wants to walk on HER terms not when Chris, or Meme, or I want her to. She still knows she can crawl (or crab-walk) much faster so that's how she prefers to get around most of the time. She is also VERY into walking while holding onto someone's finger.
Here's the original footage of her walking that I took on's actually 3 video clips merged into 1 video. Did ya'll like the 'movie' video that Chris made?? Haha!! I asked him to flip this video because for some reason I recorded it vertically and it imported horizontally, and he ended up making that. But we have laughed and laughed over it. And it was a hit on Facebook! Chris thinks he should record all of Sara Kate's milestones that way. Ha!

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