Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Swim

Today, Sara Kate went for her first swim! We have some dear friends with a lovely pool and they were kind enough to invite us over this afternoon.
Chris didn't go but Sara Kate and I didn't miss the opportunity! I figured she would love it considering how much she loves bath time.
When we first got there I dipped her feet in and she wasn't sure about it. But we got undressed and got sun screened up and I took her right into the water. At first she seemed slightly unsure, but I bounced her and moved her around and that was all she wrote. She LOVED it! She smiled and laughed and talked up a storm. She wasn't crazy about laying on her back. Eventually I put her in a floaty and drug her around, which she just smiled and laughed about.
Sara Kate even got to play with her friend Landry in the pool! How cute are these girls, and of course, their mama's (ha!)?!? :-) They are destined to be best buddies.
Landry was so chill in the pool. It was the cutest thing. It was fun hanging out for a bit with our friends on this nice sunny day. Hopefully Chris can make it next time. A big thanks and a shout out to my friend Becca, who gave Sara Kate her little swim suit! And of course, a big thanks to the Morton's for having us. We can't wait to go back!!

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