Saturday, June 11, 2011


I've stated before that I don't have alot of girlfriends here in town, but I do have some very special friends scattered all over the South. My bestie, who I've known since 7th grade, lives in Georgia, and the others I was lucky enough to meet in college, thanks to my roommate. We've seen many parties together, graduations, weddings, and babies.
At my wedding in Fayetteville in 2005
The last time we were together was 2 years ago at Tara's wedding and we decided it had been far too long!
After many weeks of trying to figure something out, we finally set a date of the first weekend in June and we would meet in the happenin' town of Greenwood, Mississippi, home of Becca. :-)
As much as I was looking forward to seeing my girlfriends, I sure was going to miss this little girl! It was my first time away from her!
I got a little teary when I dropped her off Friday morning but I made sure I told her to be a good girl for daddy. I went to work for a few hours then headed out. I had a 6.5 hour drive, Tara had a 6.5 hour drive from Atlanta, and lucky Vanessa only had a 2.5 hour drive from Memphis. The trip was uneventful. I used to drive part of that highway all the time when I was in college since I went to college in Mississippi. I was so surprised to see they had a new fancy bridge over the Mississippi River. That's a good thing because the old one was so scary and rickety...seriously, I used to roll my window down every time I went over it so in case the bridge crumbled I had an escape route! Ha!
I finally made it to Greenwood about 5:45 and Becca was in the process of sending her family off to the in-laws. I got to see her adorable daughter, Bailey, for the first time, who is just a few months older than Sara Kate. Friday night we went and ate some yummy Mexican and spent the night playing games and looking at old pictures and video's.
Tara and Becca
Me and Vanessa
Catchprase was a BIG hit (as always). We played this for hours.
The best word of the weekend...what the heck is that and how would you describe it to your partner?!? We laughed good at that!
Saturday we got up and had breakfast and headed to down town Greenwood. They have a very cute little down town with lots of great shops. It was very hot to be outside (100 degrees) but we had fun, of course. In this bookstore there were all kinds of books signed by the's a pretty famous signature from an author from Mississippi...any guesses? :-)
We had lunch at this little Bistro. It was an adorable place and the food was great.
Fried green tomatoes
Black-eyed pea cakes
Shrimp po-boy
After lunch, we went to a consignment shop that Becca likes, and I got a couple of really cute things for Sara Kate at a great price. And finally, no trip out of town is complete without a trip to Wal-Greens and Wal-Mart!! Especially because I don't see enough of that living in Wal-Mart country, ha!
And no trip is complete with out a little goofing off!!
After that lovely adventure, we got sno-cones and went back to Becca's to watch 'Black Swan.' I've seen it but the rest haven't...once again, wow! After a trip to the store for dinner supplies, it back to Becca's to marinate the meat and play more games.
Vanessa lost a bet so she had to eat something nasty...salmon out of a can!
She said it wasn't bad (blahh!!). That shouldn't surprise me considering when we were in college she bought a can of sardines that sat in our cabinet for 2 years!!! Anyway, we finally cooked dinner about 10:00 Saturday night and it was yummy.
We stayed up way too late but we had big fun. Sunday we had breakfast, got ready, and everyone headed back to their respective homes. It was a great weekend, full of reminiscing and making new memories. Becca, thanks so much for hosting. We are going to try to make it an annual event, depending on where everyone is in life. Love you girls and miss ya'll!!

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