Sunday, May 8, 2011

13 Months

Sara Kate, you are 13 months old today! What have you been up to?
- You are a big girl now and have finally moved from your infant car seat to a convertible car seat. After some research we decided on the Evenflo Triumph 65. We have that in daddy's car because it's the car we take the most. In mommy's car we have the Evenflo Titan, which was Hannah's. We'll only be able to use that a short period of time because Aunt Jenny will need it back for Hayden eventually. But it seems that you like being able to sit up a little more and look around. Sara Kate in Hannah's car seat...she was VERY tired when I took this picture! - School is great! You love going and your teachers always tell me funny and interesting things you do. We have some separation anxiety on some days but other days are fine. - You are drinking whole milk at school now! BUT you won't drink it at home. I even warm it up like your teachers at school do but you want nothing to do with it at home. Kind of like a bottle, you take one at school but not at home. Weird.
- We dropped the night time nursing and now are only nursing first thing in the morning. I'm not sure how to stop that one with you not drinking milk at home but we'll figure it out soon.
- Here's your schedule for the day: I wake you up around 6:15 and you nurse, you go to school, breakfast (oatmeal mixed with fruit) between 8 and 9, nap time, you get a bottle of milk between 10:30 and 11 (around 4-5 oz), lunch between 12 and 1 (a fruit and a veggie or 2 veggies and water), nap time, you have a bottle of milk between 3 and 4 (around 4-5 oz), come home, you have dinner when we do between 6:30 and 7 (usually 2 veggies and a handful of Cheerios or a biter biscuit), bedtime routine starts 8-8:30 depending on how tired you are, and I rock you to sleep around 9. Some days you get a 3rd bottle of milk at school.
- Food equals love! I'm not going to list everything you have eaten, but lets say you are getting more adventurous and picky at the same time!! Most nights we let you try something off our plates. If you don't like something you take it out of your mouth and throw it on the floor. Yes, the dogs are your buddies. Some things you appear to like then all of a sudden you start taking them out of your mouth. That's also a cue sometimes that you're done. A new love is watermelon! And you appear to like pasta with tomato based sauces on it. I hope you continue to like all kinds of food and aren't picky like your mommy!
- You are still an excellent sleeper. You move all over the bed at night but I don't often hear you make any noises. On occasion you'll cry out if you can't find your paci but you find it and go right back to sleep.
- You are pulling up like a champ. You pull up in your crib, in your pack n play, on the furniture, using my fingers, etc. And you starting to cruise but no walking yet. Although you are starting to like 'walking' while holding onto my fingers. We've learned that you are very cautious and like to study things before you just start doing something.
Next 2 pictures equal silly girl!
- No new teeth have broken through yet but your top 4 are definitely on the way. In fact, we can see your top right incisor. Your poor gums are so swollen. Hopefully soon your bottom 2 teeth will have some new friends.
- You LOVE 'Baby Einstein' videos. You laugh and screech and talk back and point. It's so's almost like we can see your little mind working. You like the ones with mostly music the most, like 'Baby Mozart'. Not that we use the videos all the time but they are nice if we need to work in the kitchen or get some things done around the house.
- You clap, wave, point, imitate certain motions, imitate certain sounds, and imitate the number of syllables in a word. You have learned to go up and down stairs, too!
- You love to pull things out of a basket (or bag) and then put them back in. You love your blocks and will pull them out of the bag and put them back in. You pull your clothes out of your laundry basket and then you put them back in...sometimes. :-)
- You are starting to get into your books, too. In fact, we keep a few on the floor in your room that you just go through when we're playing there.
- You are still in some 9 months clothes (that are light enough in weight for this time of year) and we're starting to move into 12 month clothes. Some 12 month stuff is a little big (Carter's) and some fits fine (Jumping Bean). You are still in some 9 month jammies and we are using some 12 month jammies.
- You have tiny feet! Still in size 2 shoes!
- You are still in size 3 diapers.
- You are learning more and more every day and it's so much fun watching you grow. And you just crack us up! You are such a joy and we are so blessed. Love you so much, sweet pea!

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