Saturday, May 21, 2011

Faces of Sara Kate

Last night we braved the crazy weather (yes, more rain...really hard rain!) and went to Chris' new favorite place for dinner, Cafe Delta Soul, for some yummy catfish. Sara Kate was being SUCH a ham and was just cracking me up with her 'posing' for the camera. The camera would make the red light and focus on her and she would stop what she was doing and make these faces. Chris tried to video it but then she stopped. Of course. She's so silly sometimes!
Then she was wanting to look at the pictures on the camera display and she would giggle.
This isn't a goofy picture but check out those beautiful long eye lashes!!
And this really isn't a good picture (it was a goofy face she was making), but look closely at her mouth...does it look like you can see 2 teeth? The right front and the one beside it?? I can't tell. She will not let you put your finger in her mouth so I haven't been able to tell if those 2 have broken the skin or are just thisclose. We can actually see all 4 tops coming in but the left 2 definitely haven't broken the skin and obviously, the right 2 are in question.
Anyway, Sara Kate was doing the same thing cheesing for the camera (well, my cell phone) the other night when we were sitting in the driveway after going for a walk. She would 'cheese' and then want to look at the picture and would giggle. Pictures are a little blurry because she moves non-stop but you get the point with her and her silly faces!

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