Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Busy Day!!

After some pretty heavy rain and storms rolled through over night, today turned out to be a beautiful day in Northwest Arkansas! Well, at least that's what my mommy told me. So we decided to go to the park! This is what I thought about the park when I got there.
We walked around a while and then I saw and hung out by a bench!
And then I saw a tree...very exciting!
I saw some cool play ground day I'll be big enough to play on it!
I saw some pretty purple flowers. Hey, these would go great in my room!
I even saw a gazebo!
Probably the coolest thing I saw was a stream that was flowing with lots of rain water. There were these neat little mini-rapids! Maybe one day I'll go floating on a big river that has rapids!
I tell you what, the park is exhausting!! But I hope to go again sometime soon!
Right now I'm telling mommy that I'm hungry and I probably have a dirty diaper so I better go! Peace out!

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