Saturday, May 29, 2010

7 Weeks Old

Sara Kate is 7 weeks old! Not too much to report from my last post. She has started taking a morning nap, well at least the last couple days. And right now she's taking her morning nap on her grandma Greer. She has even taken a couple of good afternoon naps...that never happens! Maybe we're working into more of a schedule. And hopefully I haven't just jinxed myself. Ha! She's doing well at night, still sleeping 5-6 hour stretches and then another couple after her night feeding. She's been such a happy baby lately, and I am soooo going to miss that when I have to go back to work Thursday. Yep, I'm just plain dreading that day. I just wanted to snuggle with her the other morning because the mornings is what I'm going to miss the most. At least I'm starting back on the end of a short week before having to make a full week. I think today we're going to try to go the outdoor mall today so that will be something new for Sara Kate. I'll have to dress her in a cute outfit!! :-) Like I said, I really didn't have much to report this week so I guess it's picture time!
Smiley Sara Kate! (in all these pictures, she's looking at her friend, the ceiling fan!)
Beautiful baby blues!!
Sleeping baby!

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