Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few day's of firsts

So we've had several firsts lately, and I thought I'd share them on the blog. Sunday, Sara Kate went to church for the first time! This is what she thought of church.
I was so proud of her. It made sense that she slept all through church...when I was pregnant, church time was normally nap time. I know not every week will be like this, but I was happy she was like this for our first week back. After church, Sara Kate went to the grocery store for the first time! I just think these pictures are funny! The car seat surrounded by groceries...ha! I guess it's welcome to our new life!
Monday night, Sara Kate attended Daddy's choir concert for the first time. This is what she thought about it!
Once again, I was so proud of her. I sat in the back with a bottle and a pacifier ready just in case, but she slept through almost the whole thing. Good girl! We were going to go to Tuesday night's concert, but Tuesday was a little bit of a rough day for us (she was fussy off and on all day), and she made it known she didn't want to go. Ha! Here is a picture of Sara Kate with her Daddy before he left to go to Tuesday's concert...this was taken between fusses. Ha!
Today Sara Kate and I ventured out to the grocery store by ourselves for the first time. We needed diapers, toilet paper, and some meals. Once again, she did great! She fell asleep after I fed her so I put her straight into her car seat and off we went. She slept almost the whole time I was at the store; she just woke up at the end. I didn't take any pictures but our cart looked like the picture above! :-)

And another first, she smiled at me this morning! She was looking at me and I was talking to her and she smiled at me. Melted my heart. I say it was a first because I am pretty sure it was the first time that had happened. I didn't have the camera but later this afternoon I did capture this little grin.

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  1. She's so pretty! She sounds like a really good baby and I'm so glad that you caught her first smile! :)