Sunday, August 1, 2010

I have no creative title.....

Well it's been another uneventful week. On Friday we made one more trip to Sara Kate's school to meet the other teacher and turn in last minute paper work. We should have taken stuff like diapers, extra clothes, bottles etc., but we didn't. I feel like slacker parents. We even left her there for about 20 minutes and ran down to Sam's for wipes. When we got back she was having a ball in a bouncer. I know she'll be fine and have a great time, but tomorrow morning is gonna be rough! Chris and I are both going to drop her off, then Chris will head off to Hot Springs during the day, and Meme will pick her up. I still have to decide what she's gonna wear for her first day of school...ha!! Of course, she must look adorable and impress all the other babies! :-)
Here we are before heading to visit school
Friday evening we had a little impromptu photo shoot. I got Chris a new lens he was wanting for his birthday and he just used birthday money to get a flash. He got some great shots!
I am in LOVE with this picture!!!
Saturday I managed to pull one over on Chris (which is very hard to do because he's just tuned into everything!)!! Since we were busy all last weekend with the wedding, we weren't able to really celebrate his birthday. Thursday I started thinking about having a surprise get together. I made some calls and most folks were able to come by for a little while. So I set the party for 5. I ordered a cake and pizza, and had Phillip pick everything up before he came over. About 4:45 I get changed, and start to get Sara Kate changed...Chris thinks us and Phillip are going to Best Buy and then to pick up some dinner. The guys take the dogs outside to potty at 5 and people start showing up...yay! Funny thing is, the first person here is a guy that's never been to our house. Chris comes in Sara Kate's room and says, 'what's Wade doing here?' I say I don't know. Then his mom comes over. Then Michael and Brandy show up, and finally it starts to click that something is going on. He was surprised...yay! Some other friends show up, we have pizza, cake, and hang out. It turned out to be a good night with good friends.
Sara Kate hanging out with Meme
Sara Kate was super entertained during cake time!
This wasn't everybody but we worked with what we had!!
At the end of the night, Sara Kate was hanging out with Uncle Phillip.
And then he got anointed....hahaha!!!!!
Today we went to church and have just been laying around this afternoon. Sara Kate and I took a nice nap together with her laying on my chest while I was laying on the couch...just like the old it!!
Tonight Chris and I are heading to the Walton Arts Center to see 'Beauty and the Beast.' We usually just got to a show here and there, but this season we bought tickets for several shows. It's always fun to go to stuff like that and we should definitely take advantage of having it in our area. Meme will hang out with Sara Kate and then I'll finish getting her stuff ready for school tomorrow.

I'll leave you with a few more cute shots of our girl from this past week!

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  1. First, she might be the most precious baby ever. And I love that same pic that you are in love with... so pretty! Secondly, I just nominated you for a blog award ;)