Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peace out weird sickness!

Well, I am feeling much better. I decided to stay home Thursday, too, and I ended up being sick from Tuesday night (a week ago) until Saturday night. I was feeling better on Friday and I went up to my office. I was there for about an hour, grabbed my computer and made a quick Wal-Mart stop, then headed home to work for the rest of the day. Friday afternoon went down hill fast...blahh! I'm not sure what I had, if it was a bug or a little food poisoning, or what. I felt fine except for my stomach; I wasn't really able to eat or drink much either. Because I got so dehydrated, my milk supply tanked! That has been stressing me out, but I've been loading up on fluids and I think we're on the uphill march. Thank goodness for a good freezer stash! One good thing that came from my little sickness is I lost about 5 pounds! Ha! But seriously, I'm glad to be feeling better!

And what has Miss Sara Kate been up to? Well, she's been hanging out in....
Her new Bumbo Chair!!!!
And she LOVES it!!!!!! I almost bought one of these when I bought her activity center but went with the activity center instead. Well, she gets to sit in a Bumbo chair at school and a few times when Chris has picked her up, she's been in it. He said she was always so happy in it. So we decided we needed one. Target had pulled theirs off the shelves for a stupid recall (seriously, people were leaving their babies unattended while sitting on a table...really? way to ruin it for everybody!), but Wal-Mart in Bentonville still had them. So, yay! She just sits in it and looks around and smiles and makes noises...so cute. And she's on the dogs' level now, which has them more interested. The other day Cora was sniffing her and she reached up to grab Cora. Can't wait til she's chasing them around! :-)

What else has she been up to? Well, school, being cute, more school, playing with toys, being cute, some naps, drinking her milk, making all kinds of noises, being cute some more...and that's about it!
She was really intrigued by the drums at church last week so Uncle Phil let her check things out!
Meme made Sara Kate an AWESOME dress (I'll post a picture another time)! These are the bloomers. We decided to put them on her head to see what she would do. She was so unsure and it was cracking us up! This expression is hilarious! She kept furrowing her brow, like that would get that thing off her head. Ha!
And these next 2 crack me up. She can turn it on in 2 seconds flat! Ha!
And now Sara Kate says, night-night everyone!

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