Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lay-Z Day-Z

Let me start this post by making a little disclaimer...I am NOT pregnant!! :-) Seems my last post made some folks say, what?!?! My father-in-law said the picture loaded before the text and definitely gave him a little shock. Ha! Chris and I have no plans to have another baby any time soon, although, I guess the Big Man Upstairs has the ultimate say so!

We have spent a lovely weekend doing absolutely NOTHING! And it was glorious!! Just what we needed before the hustle and bustle of football season starts (although we are super pumped about that!). Saturday, we probably would have stayed in our jammie's all day had Sara Kate not had a major diaper blow out that morning! Needless to say, she got a bath early. The rest of up finally showered later in the day.
We played....
And played...
And played...
We even gave the 'Jenny Jump-Up' a try!
Sara Kate really likes to 'stand' and look around so I was sure she would love to bounce. And she likes the bouncer at her school, too. But we learned she's still a little small for the Jump Up, and she's just not quite sure what she's supposed to do. She's also unsure about her feet on the floor which I thought was interesting.
Poor kid was so tired, she crashed out on her daddy last night and took a little cat nap before her last feeding.
Today we went to church, where Sara Kate was GREAT!! She sat quietly in her car seat, took a little nap, sat quietly some more, and even went to the nursery so we could go to Sunday School. Apparently she got a little fussy there, but I expected that because her next feeding was to be around 11 (our church is at 9 and Sunday School is at 10). But I was still proud of her.
We ran a couple errands this afternoon, like grocery shopping and made a Target run, but we've spent the rest of today doing a whole lot of nothing!
Except a little spit up on daddy. :-)
And a little more playing!
*Yes, my child was sitting in her Bumbo chair on top of the table, but I sitting was right in front of her and believe me, she was going NO where! :-)
We've got another busy week ahead of us. I have to make a trip to Little Rock tomorrow for a 9:30 meeting...that'll be interesting, getting up extra early, pumping Sara Kate's breakfast, getting myself ready to go by 6:15, and getting the babe ready so Chris can leave by 6:15, too. Wish us luck! :-) Plus it's the first full week of school for Chris! I better get off here...time for Sara Kate's dinner! Hope ya'll have a good week!

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