Monday, August 2, 2010

1st day of school

*Update about last night - last night went alright, not great thanks to the animals. I put Sara Kate to bed around 9:30 and I went to bed at 10:30 and woke myself up in a coughing fit at 11. That's always annoying! Then at 4:15 or so, Cora starts pacing...and pacing...and pacing...then she barks. Ugh!! She has a really deep loud bark too. All I could think was PLEASE Sara Kate, don't wake up. Ha! So I put the dogs outside to potty, brought them back in, get settled back in bed for the last 30 min. of my night, and the stupid cat starts meowing obnoxiously...right outside Sara Kate's room! Double ugh!! Anyway, I got up at 5, and Cora started pacing again. I closed her in the bathroom with me so she wouldn't wake the babe. I just took them outside and turns out, she has the runs...lovely, I know. I figured she did since the pacing only happens if she needs to go out. I gave her an Immodium to stop her up, and hopefully I won't come home to a poop explosion later! Time to go get the kid up!

Well, we all survived Sara Kate's 1st day of school! We were running late this morning because we stayed up way too late last night and I didn't have everything together like I should have. I felt like such a slacker parent. In fact, maybe Sara Kate was nervous about her first day because she didn't go to sleep until 11:00 last night!! That's way past her bedtime! HA! Anyway, this morning we finished getting her stuff packed, made sure she looked super cute, and Chris and I both headed out to drop her off.
It went smoothly, and I only teared up a couple times. We had her schedule all printed out, along with her bottles and bags of milk and extra sets of clothes. We said goodbye and I headed off to work and Chris headed to his own school to take care of some things. Chris ended up stopping by to see Sara Kate one more time around 10:30 and this is what he sent me. Hilarious!
I purposely scheduled a lunch meeting today to keep me occupied, and it worked out pretty well. I finally ended up calling to check on her about 2:30 and they said she had been great. They said she was so happy all day and that she had even taken three little her crib! Shocking! Meme went to pick her up around 3 and she was actually asleep at the time. Here's her little 'report card.' We get one of these every day that details her nap schedule, feedings, and diaper changes.
Sara Kate has done great tonight, and we had some great snuggle time while watching 'The Bachelorette.' She's in bed now and I need to head that way myself. This is actually my first night with just me and her. Hopefully it will go smoothly...wish us luck! Night-night!

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  1. Sounds like Sara Kate had a great first day!! I'm so glad to hear that.