Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Review

Man, I'm being a lazy blogger these days! There just isn't a whole lot to report and work has been a little hectic the last couple weeks so I've been enjoying spending time with my baby girl, Chris, and my mom when I've been getting home. This past week was back to normal with Chris being back in town. Mom was still here because she was teaching a conference in Springdale. Yay! Sara Kate loved spending all that time with Gran, and she was cute as ever all week!
She left this morning, and we really enjoyed having her for the last 2 weeks. She got to spend quality time with Sara Kate Friday night and Saturday night because we were doing music in a wedding for some friends from church (our friends whose shower we helped host last month). Let's go back to Friday, though.

Friday was Chris' 30th birthday (happy birthday, ya tons!). We were kind of limited in what we could do that evening because of the wedding rehearsal, but we did a couple things during the day. I took the day off and we had a nice lunch together. Then we ran to the mall so I could find a dress for the wedding...I decided at the last minute that I didn't have anything dressy enough for the event. Seriously, way to wait until the last minute, Kristen!! Ha! The other BIG thing we did Friday was go visit Sara Kate's school (remember, I'm saying she goes to school instead of daycare). We went to go meet her teachers, get some paperwork, and find out for sure what all we need to bring (of course, we discussed this before but I glazed over it in my pregnant state because it was so far away at the time). She will officially start school August 2. I'm feeling pretty emotional about it. We are really lucky that Chris has been able to stay home with her all summer and Sara Kate is so fortunate she's gotten all that bonding time with her daddy. And I feel good that she'll be almost 4 months old when she starts, but I'm gonna miss getting pictures texted to me every day or video clips sent to me when she's being cute. Someone else is going to see those cute things and probably see some 'firsts' before I do. Someone else is going to have play time with her and watch her discover new things. It'll be fine, and I know she'll thrive and make lots of friends. I'll be dropping her off in the mornings and Chris will pick her up in the afternoon. Those first few mornings are gonna be extra rough on me because Chris is going to be be in Hot Springs for a conference. So say a little prayer for me the week of Aug. 2!! Anyway, Sara Kate looked super cute (of course!) when she went to visit school for the first time.
When we were there, Sara Kate just took everything in. She just looked around at everything, checked out the other kids and the toys that they had there, and was pretty relaxed. I know she'll do great there.

Saturday we did a little running around and had a short visit with Chris' family before we had to get ready for the wedding.Time to get ready to go! Don't we clean up nicely??
Wedding time! Like I said earlier, we were involved the music. Chris played piano, I played flute, and another guy played the guitar. We played some Irish music to start with, Canon in D for the processional, and Irish music for the recessional. And Chris played and sang during the unity candle and communion. It was challenging music and required serious practice, but it turned out great. We got compliments all night, and I think the bride and groom were thrilled with it!
Beautiful bride, Joanna
Beautiful Ceremony
Time to party!
Jo Kaye and Brandy

Awesome church friends - Mallory, Lauren, Brandy, Joanna, me, and Jo Kaye
Chris, Richy (groom), Michael, and Brandy
And this is just funny...Michael and Brandy with "that guy" (AKA Steve) in the background...ha!
We had a great time but stayed out way too late because we are tired today!! But it was fun. We said goodbye to Gran this morning and headed to church!
Sara Kate says, have a good week everyone!! I'm gonna enjoy my last full week at home with my daddy!

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