Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week and Weekend Review

I haven't posted anything this last week because I haven't had much to write about. Chris has been in Conway this week for choir camp and my mom came up to watch Sara Kate. Let me tell ya, I really had to twist her arm to get her to come watch her grandchild all week long!! Ha! :-) Actually, my dad wanted to make a trip also so mom and dad both came last Friday. We had a nice visit with dad and then he had to go home.
Chris left Monday morning and so it was my mom, me, and Sara Kate just hanging out at the house all week. We did a whole lot of nothing! Sara Kate has had big fun with her Gran this week. They have played and played and played some more, they have read, they have sung songs, they have napped, they have rocked, they have you can see, they've had a great time! I wish I could have been here to hang out, too. Here are some pictures from the week.
Hands equal deliciousness!
I think this could be my new favorite picture...a smile, plus her shirt says 'smile.' Greatness!
Hands still equals deliciousness!
Apparently, she decided to practice her toe touches!
As you can tell by some these pictures, I hit the JACKPOT with bows and headbands! Finally! A big thanks to my friend Brandy for mentioning Etsy (if you've never checked out their website, do it! You can buy ANYTHING there!!)! A while back I thought about looking online to order headbands, but then it slipped my mind. I finally did it last week and my loot came in this week. Yay!
We have had an eventful weekend, too! Saturday Sara Kate, mom, and I hit the farmers market for some yummy goodies. We bought tomatoes, okra, corn, purple hull peas, green beans, and banana peppers.
Next, we hit a local cupcake store downtown. YUM-O! Mom and I decided to get a red velvet cupcake and a chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake and share them.
And this is what Sara Kate thought of the cupcake shop.
Next we went to Hobby Lobby to get materials for a couple of projects. I'll show you what we did in a bit! :-) This is what Sara Kate thought of Hobby Lobby. She's so happy to be there...I agree!
Then we made a lunch stop at Chick-Fil-A for a snack lunch. Mom and I love to go there are share some nuggets and fries. Yum. And this is what Sara Kate thought of Chick-Fil-A! And as you can see she's in a new outfit. Yeah, she spit up all over my shoulder and down her shirt when I changed her diaper in Hobby Lobby. I texted Chris a picture and he said, new bow? I said, yeah she spit up so I had to change her. He said, you just happened to have a bow that matched? I said, well yeah! Ha! I'm addicted! :-)
Our final stop was to Wal-Mart to get Sara Kate a new toy! She's getting pretty good at sitting up and she likes to but of course, she can't do it by herself yet. So I got her a bouncy activity station! She's still too small for it but we can stuff a blanket around her and she can sit up, work on her head control, and play with toys. She looks like such a big girl! And mom and I put it together all by ourselves...yay!
After that, we did our Hobby Lobby project, which was to make a bow holder for Sara Kate's room!!! She was so happy about that! :-)
Then we patiently waited for daddy to get home! And we were so happy when he made it (no picture of that, though).
Today, we had church, ate some of our delicious veggies, went and got pedicures (for me and Holly) and a manicure (for mom), and we're getting ready to fix some more delicious veggies for dinner. Sorry this post has been kinda picture heavy, but I'll leave you with one more from today!

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  1. I love all of Sara Kate's new bows! She looked darling (of course) in the one she wore to church this morning!