Monday, July 5, 2010

Weekend Recap

*Warning - this post contains mucho, mucho pictures!! :-)

Like I said yesterday, I hope everyone had a great 4th weekend. We've definitely been busy this weekend! Friday, Chris' friend Bennie came to visit so we had dinner with him and then we went and visited with Chris' parents. It was nice of him to come to town and we're glad he got to meet Sara Kate! Saturday, we headed to the big town of Berryville! That's where Jenny (Chris' sister), Jason, and Hannah live. We had family in town from Texas this weekend (Ron, Kim, Zachary, and Brandon) so it was a big family day out at the Cambell's. We grilled out, all the cousins played, we went down to the river and the older cousins swam, and overall it was a great day. This was also Sara Kate's first long trip! Granted, Berryville is only an hour and 15 minutes from Fayetteville, but she did great in the car. On the way home I had to do a first...we had to pull over into a gas station parking lot so I could nurse the baby. That was fun! Ha! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do! After that Sara Kate slept literally all night. I could not get her to wake up when I got her ready for bed at 9...normally she would eat then, too. So she pretty mostly slept from 7 pm Saturday night until 6:30 am Sunday morning. I was shocked!! Anyway, Sunday was the 4th, and Sara Kate wore her adorable 4th of July dress. I also had a first at church that day. Sara Kate was doing so great during church. She was sitting in my lap just looking around. We actually made it through the whole sermon and then during the prayer I felt something warm in my lap. So I lift her up a bit and what do I see? A pile of runny poop in my lap. Oh my goodness! I wiped it up with the burp rag, carried her out (face down because I didn't exactly know where the poop was coming from) and went to change her. Come to find out, she managed to get none on her! I have no idea how that happened! We make it back at the end of church, we took a few pictures, she got hungry (which is why she looked mad in the pictures I posted yesterday), and I gave her a bottle before we have to head to the grocery store. I'm burping her and she projectile vomits down my side, onto the pew, and a little on the floor. Nice! So now I have poop in my lap, milk vomit down my side, and Sara Kate has spit up on her dress. Now that's an awesome introduction to motherhood! Ha! We had a nice afternoon at home, which included lunch at home with Phillip and Holly and dinner at home made by Phillip and Holly. After that we all headed to Chris' parents to enjoy a great firework show that someone in their neighborhood puts on. Apparently, this guy spends like $5000. Let me tell ya, it was quite the show! We got home late, I fed the baby, and off to bed we all went. Today we went back over to Chris' parents to spend time with Jenny, Jason, Hannah, Chris' grandparents, and the family from Texas. We had a great time just hanging out with everyone. As you can tell, we've had an eventful weekend! Too bad you don't get a weekend to recover from the weekend. Ha! Enjoy the weekend recap in pictures!
Hannah and Sara Kate checking out Poppa
Uncle Jason
Aunts! (Great Aunt Kim and Aunt Jenny)
Our most adorable niece! Isn't she cute??
Does she look cool, or what?!?!
Chris found these cool rocks down by the river...I love you!
Yep, that's Grandma on the 4-wheeler!!
I dipped Sara Kate's feet in the can tell she did NOT like it at all!!!!
2 tired girls!
I love this picture...great family photo!!
Doesn't Sara Kate look festive??
These are for Chris and Laura...I take awesome pictures of fireworks...ha!! (This goes back to our trip to Maine.)
Ya think these guys are related?? Ha! (They are father and son, with mom in the middle.)
Sara Kate with her great grandpa
What a great family! Bob, we missed you!

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