Monday, October 1, 2012

Project 365 - August & September

It's that time again!  It's the beginning of the month, which means it's time to post Project 365!  And of course an extra month has passed so we'll catch up with August and September in this post.  See the following links for previous Project 365 posts...January, February, March, April, and May, June and July.

August - Project 365

1 - daddy teaching Sara Kate how to throw a frisbee to Cody
2 - mommy & Sara Kate before school
3 - Meme picked up Sara Kate for the day
4 - sharing a cupcake with mommy at Bliss Cupcake Uptown
5 - at church with the cousins
6 - starting back to school full time after being part time over the summer...the 'first day of school' picture
7 - rinsing her hair under the water faucet like a big girl
8 - conquering the wooden bridge at the park
9 - playing 'ride Cora'
10 - smiles before school, they were studying ocean animals so Sara Kate wore her ocean smocked dress
11 - swinging with mommy in the back yard
12 - hanging out in daddy's classroom at his school
13 - sending purple monkey down the slide
14 - playing with chalk in the drive way
15 - smiles before school
16 - an activity fair after school, with popcorn, face painting, and an aquarium
17 - play date with friends Grace and Madelynn
18 - posing with the Razorback cheerleaders on Fan Day on campus
19 - hugging her new Razorback pillow pet, or 'my pig' as she calls it
20 - before school, this is the day she moved from the Pygmy class to the Skipper class
21 - pictures of eating...breakfast, snack, and dinner!
22 - walking around the neighborhood
23 - smiles after school in the car
24 - digging into her beans face first, her favorite!
25 - hanging out with daddy and Hannah at Uncle Jason's birthday
26 - a wagon ride through the rain, the first rain we had had in a long time
27 - going for a ride in the new bike trailer
28 - eating pizza for dinner, another favorite!
29 - silly girl spitting milk onto her swing set
30 - sharing an ice cream treat with mommy
31 - posing before school, the first Razorback spirit Friday of the football season
September - Project 365

1 - family picture at our first tailgate of the Razorback football season
2 - smiling with Ghee & Poppa after church
3 - celebrating Poppa's birthday!
4 - playing with the ducks on the slide
5 - covered in beans after dinner
6 - reading bed time books with daddy
7 - covered in beans (again) after dinner
8 - fell asleep on the couch while mommy & daddy watched the Razorbacks lose to ULM
9 - playing with a stick outside after church
10 - 'cheese' by 'the pig' (Razorback car magnet)
11 - visiting the firemen to take them goodies in appreciation of what they do for our community
12 - celebrating my birthday with dinner with hubs!
13 - no nap at school equals falling asleep on the car ride home
14 - a play date with Grace & Graham
15 - family picture before the Arkansas/Alabama football game
16 - sweet girl sleeping during nap time
17 - another no nap day at school equals an exhausted smile during dinner
18 - smiles while playing in the back yard
19 - helping mommy ring hand bells at church
20 - a picnic in the park and some play time
21 - smiles with Big Bird, sitting in daddy's lap
22 - woke up at 4 am and that equaled a very tired girl by 10 am!!
23 - working her big girl Elmo puzzle
24 - eating a yummy ice cream treat
25 - smiles with her Poptart before school
26 - smiles for mommy after school
27 - a big cheese before school
28 - walking around the park like a big girl
29 - watching the giraffes during her first visit to the zoo
30 - eating Wendy's lunch after church, just like we used to do with our grandparents as kid

And now we're caught up (again)!! :-)

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