Sunday, October 14, 2012

Victory Dress!

*As I was logging into Blogger just now, I noticed I have over 25,000 views to my blog!  Thank you readers, who ever you may be!! :-)

As you know, we haven't had much success with our football program here in Razorback Country this season.  But after a soggy game last night that got called in the 3rd quarter because of bad weather, we are on a 2 game winning streak, which we haven't had all season, haha!  Wa-hoo!!  In honor of our 2 game winning streak (hey, gotta start small, ha!), Sara Kate got to wear her 'victory dress' to church!  It's an 18 month size, and I bought it for last football season hoping she could get at least 2 years use out of it.  It's a little shorter this year but still fits her great as a dress.  I love this dress so much and am so glad I found it online at a discounted price, especially since local boutiques have it WAY marked up in price!  We had to have a little photo shoot when we got home from church.
 A quick look back at Sara Kate in the dress in 2011 (bad pic, sorry!)...
And 2012...
I LOVE this picture!  My sweet baby is looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby. :-(
 Her daddy can get the biggest grins out of her.
 My big girl.
 And here's that sweet daddy who got all those precious smiles out of his baby girl.
 We are happy Hog fans right now!! :-)

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