Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation Part 4 - Savannah

Laura and Leslie actually live in a little town right outside the city of Savannah.  On Saturday we decided to head into the city and try and walk around the parks, eat some good seafood one more time, go to Tybe Island to see the lighthouse, and go to to a Fort!!  It was BLAZING hot (of course)!  We tried to get out  relatively early before it got too hot (impossible) to try and get some pictures of the kids before either got too cranky.  Unfortunately, Sara Kate doesn't sleep well away from home so she was kind of a cranky mess all week since her sleep schedule was messed up.  So we did the best we could with the pictures!  And man oh man, humidity sure does a number on my hair, ha!!
Of course Liam was being a ham and Sara Kate was too busy looking at her surroundings instead of the camera...go figure.  Still a cute picture though with their matching blue.
Our attempt at a family picture.  I think this was the only one we got the whole trip (minus the 4th of July shot at the pool which was from my cell phone) and of course, Sara Kate was in a non-smiley mood!  Ugh!! :-)
Even though she's not looking at the camera in this one, I still love this one.
Liam has this neat car they use alot instead of the stroller to push him around in.  It came handy this day, with one kid in the stroller and one kid in the blue car.  He's so stinkin' cute!
And you can't go to Savannah without taking a picture of the famous Forsyth Park Fountain!
We ate some yummy lunch at this place called The Distillery, which was actually a cool brewery (I ate the best fish tacos I think I've ever had!), and we headed to Tybe.  It worked out good because it's a 30 minute drive, which gave the kids a chance to fall asleep.  We drove to the lighthouse and pretty much did a drive by for a picture.  Remember my blazing hot comment?  Plus sleeping children.  Plus, who wants to take an almost 1 year old and a 2 year old into a light house?  Not I!
Next we went to Fort Pulaski, which I think Chris would probably say was his favorite part of the trip.  It's a real fort from the Civil War days, and a landmark battle took place there between the Confederate and Union forces.  It was pretty cool.  Chris got alot of really neat photo's but only a few are edited right now. 
I pulled this picture off the internet to show the whole thing.  Fort Pulaski National Monument.
Back to Chris' pictures...
Liam was in a great mood...
But as you can tell from this picture, Sara Kate was not so much in good mood!  30 minutes was not nearly a long enough nap on this day!  But we made the best of it.
 Hopefully this isn't a look into the future, HAHA!!!
A worker demonstrated a musket firing and they actually did a firing.
One of the last things we saw there was a canon firing.  Yes, a real canon firing!  They demonstrated the whole thing, the loading, the firing, using all the correct commands (minus telling us it was time to plug our ears) was really cool.  And loud!
We ended our day in Savannah by eating at the restaurant of Paula Deen's sons, called Uncle Bubba's Oyster House.  Laura and Leslie said their restaurant is so much better than Paula's restaurant, and it's much more reasonably priced and not as busy since it's off the beaten path.  Unfortunately, we went on a bad day because it wasn't that great.  Boo!!  We had a great day in Savannah, despite the heat and our over tired child being a pain in the rear!  

Next up, time to say goodbye to Savannah and hello to Nashville!

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