Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vacation Part 1 - Alabama

I have inadvertently taken an extended blogging break but it's for a good reason!!  We went on our first family vacation the first week of July!  And this past week between work catch up and Sara Kate's extremely late bed time, I was just too tired to do anything in the evenings.  We ended up several places on our vacation, which included Alabama to visit my grandmother and family, Savannah to visit my best friend, and Nashville to visit my brother.  I'll start with Alabama.

We left on Sunday, July 1, right after church to begin our 8 hour trek to Alabama.  Sara Kate did pretty well in the car, and we made decent time thanks to getting off I-40 between Little Rock and Memphis to avoid construction traffic!  If anyone is headed that way or headed this way from Memphis, do it!  Take Hwy 70 between Lonoke and Brinkley to avoid I-40 construction!!!  Ok, PSA over. :-)  I can't remember what time we made it to Decatur but it wasn't terribly late and it was in time for dinner.  My brother was able to take Monday off and came down to see us, which was wonderful.  Sara Kate was able to spend time with her cousin Sara (yes, they share a name, but as discussed in a previous Christmas post, Chris and I had our daughter's name picked out long ago, before cousin Sara was born), and they had a wonderful time together.  It was wonderful to see my grandmother and aunts and uncle, as well.
Monday we were going to go to the local splash pad but it was a little overcast so we went to a local park instead.  The park was so neat and the girls had a great time.  
 After the park, we went back to my grandmothers, had lunch, and the girls had naps.  Sara Kate was so tired but she wouldn't go to sleep without me sitting right beside her holding her hand.  So I got a little nap too. :-)  After naps, we had a little photo session...can't see family without doing one of those!
Love this picture!
 Don't worry Grandmom, we'll send you copies of this one!
Thought we might as well get a picture of Chris and I too!
We ate dinner and then we had to say goodbye to 'Uncle Pill,' as Sara Kate calls him.  But it wasn't goodbye for long since we were stopping back through Nashville on our return trip.  This picture is blurry but it's sweet and I love it.
We ended the day by letting the girls played in Sara's sand box, which of course was LOADS of fun and LOADS of mess for our 2 year old!
Sara Kate thought it was EXTREMELY fun to pour sand on head.
She did this over and over again.  She was so filthy and her hair was so caked with sand we decided to get the water hose out to hose her off and attempt to clean her!  She didn't like it at first but then when she got control of the hose, it was big fun!
We had a wonderful visit in Alabama, and we appreciate my grandmother letting us come over and stay.  

Next up, Savannah!!

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