Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation Part 3 - Hilton Head - THE BEACH!

The one big thing I wanted to do on vacation was go to the beach so Sara Kate could experience it.  Instead of going to the Tybe Island beaches (Georgia), Laura and Leslie like to go up to Hilton Head, South Carolina, which is just 30-45 minutes away.  We got up early Friday, got everything together, and headed to Hilton Head.  We made a quick stop by the outlet mall for hats and then it was on to the beach!  As mentioned in my last post about the pool, I am a total water person and I LOVE the beach.  We went on family vacations to Florida when I was a kid and I remember those trips so fondly.  I was so excited for Sara Kate to experience it!  She walked by herself all the way from the parking lot, down the long pier, and down a long stretch of sand until we found the right place to set up.  She was taking it all in while we got set up.
But man was she ready to hit that ocean!  And she LOVED it!!!!!!
 I just love seeing her so excited!
This by far might be one of my most favorite pictures EVER!  The look of pure joy on Sara Kate's face and Chris looking down at her with the waves around them...the entire image just melts my heart.
She really wanted to swim by herself like she did in the pool, but of course she couldn't.  But she loved us holding onto her and picking her up when the waves would crash.  We stayed in the water a while, with Chris and I taking turns holding her and 'swimming' with her, before heading back to the sand to play.  She got a cute little pink bucket and shovel set from Laura and Leslie for her birthday so it was fun that she got to use it for what it's meant for!  As evident from the sandbox play in Alabama, she loved played in the sand, too.  Thankfully she didn't try to dump it on her head this time, ha!!
This was Liam's first time to the beach too (kind of...they took a trip to San Diego this spring and took him to the beach but I don't think they got in the water or anything).  He had a wonderful time as well!
The tide was going out while we were there so the water was getting further and further out.  But Sara Kate would run from sand to water, from sand to water, with me chasing her around like a crazy person.  :-)  Eventually I just sat in the shallow water and we played in the wet sand with the water around us.  This is one of the last pictures I took, when she was headed back into the water.  Love it!
Our beach day wasn't nearly long enough for me (I could of stayed all day!) but we had 2 tired babies and it was past nap times so we packed up around 2:30.  The kids both fell asleep on our walk back to the car, although they had to be woken up to wash off the sand/salt in the hoses and to change clothes.  They both crashed on the way back to Laura's house!
The beach was a rousing success and next summer I definitely want to try and do the-week-long-vacation-at-the-beach-thing!

Next up, our last day in Savannah!

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