Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Chris!

Today is a big day in the Michaels household.  A certain daddy in our household celebrated a birthday today!!  I had to go to work and Chris actually had a busy day working at our churches VBS and watching Sara Kate this afternoon.  Before we went to dinner, Sara Kate practiced her birthday singing skills.  She was being really silly because I had the video out but pretty much she kept singing 'happy birthday happy birthday' over and over again.  I can pick out a 'to you' and a 'daddy' every now and then.  But then she got distracted with the cat, ha!
Chris decided he wanted to go to dinner at Kobe so his parents met us there.  Just a warning, the lighting in there is all weird and all the pictures I took were pretty crappy.  I'm tired and don't want to  attempt to edit them and fix them.  So excuse the bad images!!  :-)
We took Sara Kate to a hibachi grill place (Shogun) one other time (for Mothers Day), and she didn't like the fire part.  Tonight was no different.  She watched briefly but ended up curled in my lap and hugging my neck as tight as she could.
But as soon as the show was over, she went right back to her chair and ate her noodles.  You can really see it in this picture...check out her right eye!  Yep, she's got a shiner and we have NO IDEA when or how she got it!  It just showed up last night.  I wasn't home and Chris texted me a picture asking if I knew how she got it.  We can't figure it out.  But it looks pretty bad.
After dinner, we surprised Chris with a little treat.  Thinking back to last year, the poor guy had to install a microwave on his birthday and I dropped the ball and didn't even get him a cake!  Mega wife fail!!  I wasn't going to make that same mistake again, that's for sure!  If you know anything about NWA, you know Rick's Bakery is THE best bakery here and it's where all our cakes come from!  Tonight was no exception!
 Chris, his dear mother who endured something like 36 hours of labor to get him here, and Sara Kate, who of course has eyes only for the cake, ha!!
 He doesn't look very excited, probably because I kept making him pose with his little cake!
Of course, a certain 2 year old in our family was in heaven....she kept saying 'Cucake!  Cucake!'  (She calls everything cupcakes.)
We made a stop by Bed Bath and Beyond so Chris could pick up a few things for his new birthday present, which was a Keurig machine!!  Doesn't he look SO much happier here?!  Like a kid in a candy store!  We went out yesterday and I bought it so he could enjoy it today on his birthday.
Chris, Sara Kate and I love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our lives!!  We hope you have had a wonderful birthday and we look forward to celebrating many many many more!  We love you!!

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  1. At least SK just clung to you during the grill part. My friend Ann took her toddler to a hibachi restaurant and he screamed "BIG FIRE BIG FIRE BIG FIRE" at the top of his lungs and got so upset they had to go eat dinner in the sushi bar. Oops. :)

    Happy Birthday to your hubby!