Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Play Day

Happy Saturday!  It seems like we haven't had a Saturday of nothing-ness in forever but we certainly had one and enjoyed it today!  Nothing was on our agenda and it was glorious.  Laying around in pj's, playing, watching the Olympics and other random stuff on tv, playing, napping, playing...that about sums up our day.  But of course, here's Sara Kate's day in pictures.  Oh, and her black eye is just a shinin' in all these pictures.  Still not a clue what happened.  And it still looks bad.  Lovely.

Daddy stopped by the store last night and picked up a special breakfast treat so Sara Kate had her first encounter with the Almighty POWDERED DONUT!  Of course, she's had donuts before, mostly just glazed donuts, but this was her first time eating these little gems.  And of course, she was a huge fan.  I mean really, what's not to like?! 
Of course after breakfast she was all jacked up on sugar so she did a little of this...
Some of this....
And alot of playing with about every toy in the box, including the following.
We decided to have a special lunch and ran out to pick up hamburgers.  Yes, our diet today was just lovely, don't ya think?! :-)  Of course, Sara Kate thought Elmo needed a bite and a drink too.  She's 
really getting in to pretend play.
After lunch was a little more play time with her new farm that her Gee bought her when she was visiting.  Sara Kate loves it and thinks all the 'amimals' need to go to the farm, including the Nativity animals, the Noah's Ark animals, and her bath squirt animals.
One quick story about the picture above.  See the towel on the floor beside the farm?  Sara Kate peed on the floor.  Yep.  She saw mommy going potty so she said she needed to go potty.  She took off her diaper, went to her potty, sat down and did nothing (which is totally normal because she will NOT pee pee on the potty at home), got up and threw her tissue away, then went in her room and peed on the floor.  But then she came and got me (I stepped back into the living room for just a second before getting her another diaper) and showed me what she did.  Yeah.  One of these days she will actually decided to pee pee in her potty when she sits on it, but just like everything other milestone (rolling, crawling, walking), it will probably be on her time schedule instead of what I want.  And yes, we moved the farm over as soon as I realized it was beside the pee spot.

Anyway, she stopped long enough for one little 'cheese' before nap time.
Post nap time play included some lovin' on her 'puppy dog,' Cora, puzzles, books, iPad games, and lots of hugs and kisses.
We've had a fun day of nothing-ness!  Hope you all are enjoying this super HOT weekend!

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