Sunday, July 22, 2012

This Week

Post vacation, I had planned to get back to a normal blogging schedule, which I usually TRY to do a 2-3 times a week, but this week it just was not happening!  Ya'll, Sara Kate's sleep schedule is ALL messed up!!  Her bed time has gotten backed up so late (like 10:00!!) and she's not sleeping well at night.  Two nights this week she woke up screaming bloody murder during the night.  After she screamed for an hour on Tuesday night Chris finally went into her room and she didn't want him, she wanted me, but he calmed her down.  But as soon as he came back to bed she started screaming again.  So he ended up sleeping on her floor.  What a guy!  Wednesday she was wired so we wore her down really good by taking her swimming, but Thursday night she woke up at 1 am again screaming.  It went on for an hour, but we just let her cry it out.  I'm not sure if her routine is still messed up from vacation (although she did just fine the week we got back) or if she's having nightmares or if she has a tooth bothering her.  Also, she's back into the routine of needing to be rocked.  'Mommy rock!' is what I hear every night when it's bed time.  And even nap time.  Mommy's tired and needs to go to bed too, especially when it's 10:00!!  Hopefully this week will go better.

As for what we were up to this week...

Monday my mom went home after being here all last week to help out with Sara Kate while Chris was in Conway.  We are so glad she was here and are always sad to see her go.  Sara Kate LOVED spending the week with 'Gee.'
Tuesday was another sad day of goodbyes.  Sara Kate's very best friend from school, Grayson, is moving away.  Her daddy works in athletics and was working at the U of A but got hired at Ole Miss (UGHHHHH!!!!!).  Those poor kiddo's will not be forced to hear the dreadful 'Hotty Toddy' instead of the glorious 'Wooo Pig Sooie.'  Ha!!  But Sara Kate will definitely miss her 'Gayson.'  After all, they've been best friends since they were little bitty in the baby class together.  I'm still amazed at how their bond formed at such a young age.  We went to a little ice cream social going away party for them Tuesday.  Not only is her BFF moving away, her other BFF and 'boyfriend' Remy is moving to a school in Rogers because his mama got a new job there.  Poor Sara Kate is not going to know what to do without her 2 besties when she starts back full time next month!
Remy, Sara Kate, and Grayson
Look at all these kids!  It was a neighborhood get together (and we appreciate the invite since we aren't neighborhood friends).  It was amazing they got all the kids sitting for a picture.  One dad said he counted something like 33!
 I love this picture of Sara Kate eating her ice cream!
As I already mentioned, Wednesday we took Sara Kate swimming.  Chris put together this cute little video of a couple clips he took.  So cute!!  I'm a little short on time at the moment so I'll try and share it later this week.

Thursday we went and had dinner at Chris' parents and he did a little photography practice.  He does alot of outdoor, family, kid (obviously) pictures but doesn't do any 'studio' pictures.  He's getting ready to do some photos for a church fundraiser so he's been practicing 'studio' if anyone wants pictures like that.  Here's a silly picture of the 3 of us that his dad snapped.  It's such a random picture and it just cracks me up!!  Sara Kate's look is ridiculous!!!  HA!!
Friday night our church held a wine party at the home of our friends, the Morton's.  We're raising money to build a sand dam and well for a village in Africa.  There was music (thanks to Chris and his buddy Jeremiah), auction items, wine, friends, and fellowship.  We had a wonderful time and managed to raise $2400 in one night!!  Yay!!
These are my sweet friends Joanna, (me), Brandy, Lauren, and Leah.  And does anyone see Richy, 'the photobomber?!'  HA!!
Saturday morning I was an idiot and went to the park for a run and to let Sara Kate play since she was so good on her 'ride.'  It was 10:30 when we got there and it was blazing!  There were a few people on the trails but there was no one on the playground.  Needless to say, our play time didn't last too long and we stopped at Sonic on the way home for slushies!  We also went swimming Saturday afternoon/evening, which was glorious since it was such a hot day.
This is such a sweet picture...I call it 'Elmo Love!'
Today has consisted of the usual, church, grocery shopping, and laundry.  I have a girls night planned for this evening with my bible study girls to bid farewell to a friend who is taking the bar exam and then moving to eastern Arkansas.  Should be a good time! 
After I got Sara Kate dressed this morning for church she said 'no piture mommy.'  I said, 'no picture?'  She said, 'yep.'  I said 'what about an outside picture?'  She said, 'YEAH!'  Silly girl.
So that's what we've been up to this week!  Next week will bring a birthday for a certain daddy that lives in our house, more heat and no rain (UGH!!), probably more swimming, and hopefully better sleeping!  See ya'll! 

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