Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Saturday!

We've had a busy day so far here at the Michaels house. Our day started WAY too early because we had a yard sale. Why on earth would we have a yard sale in the dead of summer, during a major heat wave, and in the midst of a major drought? Well because I've been putting it off and my mother-in-law said something to the effect of 'if you want my help, you're gonna finally have that thing.' Ha!! Love ya, Sharon! :-) We've been getting stuff out all week, and Chris' mom has been coming over to help organize and price. We finished pricing last night, during which I had the absolute most horrible headache that I still have not been able to completely shake. Oh well. It was pretty sad setting my alarm on a Saturday for the same time I set it to get up during the week (5:30 am...ughh!!). But up and into the shower I went (yes, I had to take a shower even though I was going to be sitting in the heat...only thing that will wake me up!!) and we were outside pulling our tables out by 6:45. Fortunately our house faces the west so our driveway was in the shade for most of the morning. Sara Kate didn't sleep as long as I hoped she would...she was up around 7:15 or so but played in her crib for a while. Eventually she came out to check things out. (Yes, she likes to carry an old remote around and push the buttons!) She played with my phone (she was talking to no one but she sure thought it was fun to pretend talk!) and had a good ole time entertaining us and our patrons. She has a purple/blue tongue because she discovered that she LOVES grape flavored Gatorade!! I mean, absolute LOVE!! She wanted to drink out of my bottle and so I put some in her cup...she gulped it down and immediately wanted more...and more...and more! It was so funny to us because she doesn't really like juice.
Off and on during the morning, Bob and Sara Kate went inside to cool off, Chris was in and out, and Sharon and I stayed outside and manned sale. We only had one little incident...someone stole a necklace off the table with some jewelery on it. Don't know when or who but all of a sudden the little bag was empty. Ironically, it was Jesus related...a medallion that had the 'Footprints' story on it. Oh well, no biggie. Maybe that person needed it more than I needed to make a buck, and hopefully it'll help them out today and in the future.

Overall, we've had a good morning, minus this mama being extremely tired and still having the headache-that-won't-go-away still pounding away in my head. We sold most of our stuff and made some cash so it was not a bad day. And a BIG thanks to my in-laws for their help!! Currently, Sara Kate is napping and once she wakes up we're headed to our friends house for some pool time and a cook out. Should be fun times! Chris can't make it to pool time because he is playing the piano for a 90th birthday party in Bentonville but hopefully he can make it for dinner. Happy Saturday, everyone!

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